Aftermath is the new psychological thriller from the creators of The Suicide of Rachel Foster and already has a trailer

The video game will arrive on PC, PlayStation and Xbox this coming year, taking us through a city full of challenges.

Psychological horror continues to be a recurring theme in the industry, and the latest proof of this is in Aftermath, an action-adventure video game for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in which the Role of a talented engineering and astronaut back on Earth after a traumatic experience, with only one task in mind: finding what she loves most, her daughter Sammy.

“In Aftermath, players control Charlie on his journey through an unknown european city in search of their daughter and they will fight, not only against their internal demons, but also against a supernatural presence “, describe ONE-O-ONE Games, the Italian team also responsible for The Suicide of Rachel Foster.” Analyze the environment and take advantage the resources that the city offers you. Even mundane everyday objects can be of great use to you when fighting with the enigmatic beings that have taken over the city“, they add in the cover letter.


Beyond its playable bet, Aftermath proposes an exciting story where it delves into philosophical, psychological and other questions that could arise in such an extreme situation. In addition, it surrounds it with a graphic bet on Unreal Engine in which Alessandro Bavari has intervened in its visual design, with credits in the films Alien: Covenant, by Ridley Scott, and Suspiria.

The video game is scheduled to hit stores in 2022 for PC (Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox. Meanwhile you can consult the analysis of The Suicide of Rachel Foster, the previous development of the Italian study that was valued this way on the pages of 3DJuegos: it has all the ingredients to create a good mystery story, and even so, we come to the end of its plot somewhat disappointed.

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