Agatha’s Chaos Coven: New details emerge

New report claims villains Agatha: Clan of Chaos they will try to take revenge on their mothers, who were killed centuries ago.

According to informant and insider DanielRPK, the Salem Seven, a group of witches who are allegedly in conflict with Agatha, “are the daughters of witches from the Evanora Harkness coven seeking revenge for the murder of their mothers.” This moment was witnessed in a flashback episode in Wanda Vision in which Evanora’s trial of her daughter Agatha goes horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of all her coven members. At the moment neither Disney V Studio Marvel they confirmed the news.

Details about Agatha: Clan of Chaos still small, but this story is expected to be a direct sequel to WandaVision. The focus is on the main character, the witch, who will be played again by Katherine HahnIn the storyline, Agatha will attempt to form her own coven in the city of Westview in an attempt to reclaim her magical powers stolen from her. Scarlet Witch. Besides Khan, the spin-off will also debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe From Aubrey Plazawho will play an unknown character who is rumored to be romantically involved with Agatha.

A delightful coven of Agatha

“To say nothing specific, I was ecstatic,” Plaza said. “I loved my character too, and I think it’s the most sublime Marvel material. So it was nice to get into that world with these specific people,” Plaza said when asked about her experience on the show. Khan expressed similar enthusiasm while playing the role of a sinister mage, insisting that the Chaos Coven is diabolical entertainment from start to finish. “I love her very much. I mean, she’s a witch, so what could be more adorable?”

One question that still haunts many Marvel fans is the fate of the Scarlet Witch. Character Elizabeth Olsen apparently disappeared at the end Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but some believe he may return to the Chaos Coven. “I never know how to answer those questions,” Olsen replied. “I just… don’t think I’ll be back.”

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