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Francesca Manzini was born on August 10, 1990 in Rome. She is the daughter of Maurizio Manzini, manager of the Lazio football team, the sister of voice actress Lilly, and the niece of voice actor Arturo Dominici.

Francesca Manzini: age, boyfriend, children

Francesca Manzini starts a relationship with a talented voice actor Christian Vitelli during the first period of detention in March 2020. They decide to move in together immediately and subsequently joyfully announce their upcoming wedding date, scheduled for September 2021. However, despite the initial enthusiasm, it seems that the noticeable age difference between the two puts an end to their story, as the doppelgänger decides to leave Vitelli.

That same year, Manzini regained his happiness thanks to his meeting with Marco Scimia, Italian double of Johnny Depp, a professional hairdresser originally from Ladispoli, who participated in the “Gf Vip” program.

Francesca he does not have children.


As a teenager, Francesca Manzini encountered the gods. eating disorders, ranging from periods of bulimia to anorexia. To get out of this tunnel and regain control of her body, the actress and presenter said that it took her six years.


Before making it big in the entertainment world, Francesca worked as an entertainer in tourist villages. In 2009, when he was only nineteen, he made his debut on the small screen in the television program “Festa Italiana” on the Rai 1 channel.thanks to her talent for imitating famous people such as Sandra Mondaini, Mara Venier and Sabrina Ferilli.

Between 2012 and 2013, she was one of the voice actresses for the television program. “Gli scomati” on Sky, promptly for the voices of Angela Merkel and Maria Stella Gelmini. After participating in the episode “Give me another one!” in 2015, in 2016 he began a professional collaboration with Piero Chiambretti, who wants Francesca to be permanently present in “Grand Hotel Chiambretti” and “The Matrix Chiambretti”.

In 2016, he also made his radio debut with the program “T.Everyone is crazy about RDS.” and since 2018 he continues his radio collaboration with Max Pagani and then with Mauro Casciari. In 2018 she also returns to television: Caterina Balivo, who nine years ago wanted to see her in her program “Festa Italiana”, gives her a new place in the program “venire da me”. He also took part in the film “Mai dire Talk” and made his film debut in the film “Benedetta Folia” directed by Carlo Verdone. It was only in 2019, thanks to Maria De Filippi’s Amici Celebrities, that she achieved such fame among the public that she became her imitator in the same year “Strisha la Notizia” and in 2021, host of a satirical news program with Jerry Scotti.

Finally, between 2020 and 2021 he participates as a participant and then as a judge. “Show “Fairy Tale and Quality”” conducted by Carlo Conti.

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