Agent says Damian Lillard’s Instagram Live with Will Smith’s song Miami is ‘just a coincidence’

When Portland star Damian Lillard was seen smiling and laughing to the sounds of Will Smith’s hit song ‘Miami’ in a 45-second video on Instagram Live Friday. it went viralIt was only natural to wonder if he was sending some sort of message to the Trail Blazers about his possible desire to be traded to the Miami Heat.

But his agent, Aaron Goodwin, chose to portray and contextualize the scene. athlete Friday night. Also linked to Goodwin, Lillard is currently on “working leave” in Paris and was at a club when the DJ chose to possibly highlight his old, precarious status.

Goodwin said, “The music was just a fluke.” athlete, “Damien is disrespectful. He’s not an instigator, so he won’t do anything out of character. There would be no reason for him to do so. That’s when he laughed (in the video). It’s a strange coincidence that the DJ is wearing that.”

In total, Goodwin said, Lillard lived for about 15 minutes. “Miami” wasn’t the end, as the DJ also played Whitney Houston’s classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, which included the song “I Wanna Get Hot With Somebody”.

Make no mistake, though, the internet’s ravenous hunger for clues about Lillard’s mental state was born out of a very real situation.

The future of the seven-time Portland All-Star has been uncertain for some time now, and it’s been known for a long time that he’s a prime candidate if he decides to ask for a trade. Add to that the fact that the video came just hours after the NBA Draft, when the Trail Blazers added dynamic young talents like Scott Henderson and Chris Murray, but no star-level veterans are helping Lillard, and This is being widely believed on social media. The video was a matter of convincing for Lillard.

Apparently, Goodwin said, the DJ had some late night fun on his account.

(Photo: Sobum Im/USA TODAY)

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