Agepan apply a fine to the carrier for the service, Buser, for the irregularity in the Charter intermunici



Non-compliance with the regulations for the implementation of the Charter service is available, the state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan) with tracking of the carrier, Emma, in tourism and in the service of the company, Buser, Brazil-technology. Already been applied to the five penalties. The offences were framed for the regulation of traffic on the fact that the vehicle is prescribed in the service of the documents required by law. The fine of R$ 2.900,00 each and every claim.

A team from the audit go back systematically to the services performed, and the approaches carried out have confirmed that, in the company of Emma, tourism, and as a party to the Buser, issues a license in a two-way street, which is contrary to the rules, and it is not in the possession of the required documents.

The incidents of this kind occurred at the travel time from Campo Grande and Corumbá.

Through the service of Buser.

The Buser Brazil, the technology is a means of transport for passengers, which he called “the Charter collaborative”, a system of allocation of the total cost of transportation is chartered by the passengers on the go to be be. The company is of the self-technology-called-driven companies, that is, by the application, and the internet, it connects people who want to make the same trip at the same time, so that for the formation of the group. After that, it connects with these groups of companies registered on its platform who offer Transport services to the private collection of passenger cars in the form of shipping possible, so that for the group and the company for Transport, trade, and with each other with the traveling.

The company says that it is not the operator of the Transport, no own vehicles, or provider of goods or services in the transport and the use of partnerships with the airlines, the regular, along with the Federal or state level, and meet all of the requirements of the law. In the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to which transport companies, controlled by the Agepan, and they must be in line with the regulations in force. As in the other States in the country, with the decision on the Charter is possible, only allow the use of a closed-loop, which means that a return trip with the same group.

There is only one exception, and for the transportation of tourists, and if the use of the other modes are different. In practice, it is a ticket for the traveler, the trip, arrival or departure through the air, and you don’t have to necessarily be in the same group, they share the same transport bus-shuttle each way between the airport and your destination city in the Federal state of Mato Grosso do Sul. If this is the case, then the airline is entitled to a trip on an open circuit in response to a specific audience, which may be due to the return different.

The charters for the travelers in the common open-circuit, it’s bumpy, and it is this practice, already from the Supervisory authorities of the Agepan on the problems that have resulted in complaints to the Emma Tour. The company has the license issued to the circuit, shown in the round, and that the service would be catering for the passengers of the multi-modal.

In the License Management System of a trip, the Charter, between the 5. and the 18 of September, in the company of Emma, tourism 32 licenses issued for the cargo option, which is the contractor for the company, Buser Brasil Tecnologia Ltda., there are 29 of them are in the section between Campo Grande and Corumbá, and the three of them, the distance and edge parts; and in every expedition that was traveling on a one-way street.