Agepan improvement of the procedures of the Ombudsman’s office


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Photo: Gizele Oliveira/Divulgação
Photo: Gizele Oliveira/Divulgação

A new decree was published in the The official journal of the state of (DOE), the state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan), updated the concept of the Ombudsman in the Agency, and the rules of procedure for the conduct of the activities of the unit in order to regulate their actions as a means of access for users, service providers, representatives of state bodies and the authority.

To replace regulation 160, the normative, the previous by-law (regulation no. 054, 2006).

The office of the Ombudsman) is an area that is with the Board of Directors of the Agepan, and with the aim of mediating in the conflict between the three parties involved, when it was transferred to the public service, the provision of the services, is on a third of the users of the regulated companies (the operator) and the authority (government agency), to seek solutions that serve the interests of all of them.

Anyone who has had to understand that their rights are being violated, or had knowledge of the violation of the law, which may reduce the quality, or the provision of a service to the public is regulated by the Agepan will be able to complain or report the matter to the Agency through the customer service of the office of the Ombudsman.

The performance of Agepan

It is a duty to get this device, complaints, suggestions, requests, and complaints in connection with the provision of the services by the Agepan, and the servants, the implementation of the transfer. The office of the Ombudsman is also responsible for receiving criticism, suggestions, complaints, complaints, compliments and requests for more information about the process and the activities of the Agency, with the aim of improving the city and the improvement of their processes and procedures.

The decree 160, it is clear that the office of the Ombudsman is expected to behave in such a way as to achieve the impartial and independent your goals. This includes the dissemination of their work and that of the Agepan, along with other areas, to inform users about their rights, duties and means of access to the service providers of the public services, delegates, and Agepan; working with the Executive boards and in other areas of the Agepan, and other authorities, and with state, Federal and local level, to contribute to the efficiency and the quality of the services delegated by the state as well as those that the Agency is monitored through the cooperation with the European Union, or of the municipalities (as is the situation with the electricity and sanitary facilities) is currently.


It is important to maintain that the office of the Ombudsman, a channel of communication, feedback, comments, suggestions, and complaints of the users. It is currently available to the computer system and Ouv, and the telephone number 0800 600 0506, e-mail address:[email protected]), and the ability to support face-to-face at the headquarters of the Agepan, and in the Big field.

A further specific object of the Ombudsman is to promote the participation of the users and the regulated companies in decision-making through the Public hearing and consultation, such as, for example, in the case of the Public consultation 003/2018, which is currently underway with regard to the revision of the tariff of the ordinary, of the gas pipeline is distributed by the MSGÁS.

All of the above procedures are intended to ensure the functioning of the office of the Ombudsman as a channel for relations with users and other agents, and the public services, delegates to continue to meet the conditions of regularity, continuity, efficiency, safety, updating, generality, courtesy in the provision, in the terms of the applicable provisions, as well as in the instruments of delegation.