Aggro Dr1ft TIFF Review: Harmony Korine’s (Not) Travis Scott Film Is a Sensory Journey

Ruthlessly incisive director Harmony Korine completes one of the most acclaimed projects of her career. spring Breakers And Beach bum earning wider recognition than most of his work. His latest work Agro Dr1ft, inspired both walkouts and applause following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It’s understandable why—after all, this experimental film initially causes controversy.

Agro Dr1ft follows the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest killer” as he navigates the Miami Beach underworld, tormented by demons both metaphorical and literal. If you’re looking for a story in this, you’ve come to the wrong place. There are enough beats here to give the characters direction, and that’s how it should be.

The best in Agro Dr1ft The fact is that it is, fortunately, short – only 80 minutes. If you don’t like it, it will be over before you know it. If you like it, it does not cease to be hospitable and does not become monotonous. Korine is aware of the fact that he will undoubtedly challenge even the most dedicated viewers, so he keeps the experience as brief as possible.

Agro Dr1ft it’s a great satire of action movie tropes…or is it?

While Jordi Molla’s killer may be the official “hero” of the story – or at least what there is – the true heroes are Agro Dr1ft infrared cinematography and Arabmusic music. While these elements create a sense of sensory overload that may give some viewers headaches, those more accustomed to formal experimentation are more likely to be captivated.

On top of this, Korine uses computer graphics and artificial intelligence techniques to further distort the image beyond infrared cinematography. The result is nightmarish yet alluring visuals reminiscent of a dreamscape superimposed on the Miami Beach landscape. It’s both gorgeous and disgusting, and makes great use of juxtaposition.

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The “dialogue” (mostly the narration, although there are a few actual dialogue scenes) is incredibly simplistic and extremely monotonous. Seriously, if you had a drinking game and shot every time Molla’s narrator says, “I’m the world’s greatest killer,” you’d have to be carted out of the theater with liver failure. However, if you look at the project as a satire (again, it’s unclear whether this was Korine’s true intention), it successfully subverts the elemental nature of most action scripts.

Corine also (albeit unintentionally) manages to push the boundaries of the action genre. This is definitely a bit ironic, since Korine himself is known as a provocateur – his new production company, which Agro Dr1ft This is the first production, it is called “EDGLRD” after all. However, Agro Dr1ft takes this to the extreme, with seemingly endless twerking, pelvic thrusts while wielding swords, and saying the word “bitch.”

Possibly the biggest mass draw Agro Dr1ft is the presence of musical artist Travis Scott in the cast, although it’s more of a glorified cameo than a legitimate role. However, given the structure, which is designed to sweep you over, its one scene (and the memory of it) fails to leave a lasting impression. There really isn’t a single scene that has to hook you – it’s the experience as a whole.

That’s all there is to say Agro Dr1ft It’s not for everyone. Ultimately, Korine himself seems to think that it might not be for anyone, claiming that it’s “not a movie,” whatever that means. If the project was meant to be taken seriously then it’s a complete failure, but all signs point to the fact that it probably isn’t. And if you think this is a satire that deconstructs the genre’s tropes to the absolute minimum, Agro Dr1ft probably one of the most exciting experiments of the year.

Agro Dr1ft was screened at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, which took place from September 7 to 17 in Toronto, Canada.

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Rating: 7/10

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