Aggro Dr1ft: (ugly) experimentalism in Venice 80

Mostly known Gummo 1997 and Beach bum, Harmony Corinne goes beyond competition Venice 80 With Agro Dr1ft, a title that has already raised some doubts since its announcement and the first images shown. Film with Travis Scott as a co-star filmed with infrared cameras and using AI they already gave the idea of ​​something “tasteless” and “tasteless”, completely unsuitable for such a context as the Venetian one.

Unfortunately, these initial expectations were not realized, and Aggro Dr1ft is an example of cinema that has forgotten what experimentalism and innovation mean. A work that desperately tries to escape from the sea of ​​slime into which it has (voluntarily) thrown itself, only to fall disastrously further and further into a blinding and stunning abyss.

Agro Dr1ft: Story

Bo (Jordi Molla) – one of the best killers in the city of Miami. An infallible killer who, however, would like to give up his role as a ruthless “bringer of death” in order to be able to devote himself to his wife and children. He is separated from this goal by one last mission, one more life that must be completed before the long-awaited world.


agro dr1ft
In the center of the image is singer Travis Scott.

A ruthless killer, but in relation to the viewer

A simple, or rather very simple, banal plot with stereotypical characters, set in the violent and corrupt American suburbs. Aggro Dr1ft puts the story and script aside to focus entirely on technique. A technique that was intended to be revolutionary, but in reality is simply a very difficult test of nerves and vision.

The decision to use infrared cameras was a sensational mistake.. The film is visually jarring after the first ten minutes, and the darkness of the theater only emphasizes this flaw. Infrared radiation completely excludes the faces of the characters and the landscapes within which they move. The sun and Florida coastlines disappear completely in the film’s blinding red-and-blue chrome. The “artistic” choices of Korine and the film’s producers are truly inexplicable.. Twenty hours of fear and delirium, which instead of amazement in the eyes brings headache and nausea.

Image taken from Aggro Dr1ft website.

Aggro Dr1ft: Travis Scott

Even in these places, there was talk about Travis Scott and his role in the project. Forget Travis Scott, Aggro Dr1ft is an almost unnoticeable speck. The famous American singer, currently one of the biggest authors on the world rap scene, interprets ZionBo’s killer’s apprentice. However, the minutes in which it appears are residual.and the lines spoken by Scott could be attributed to half, or perhaps even one page of the script.


Aggro Dr1ft uses the name Travis Scott to exploit personal positioning the artist and the crowds of young people who move the earth at his concerts (in the latest news you can see complaints from residents of San Siro who felt the “shaking of the earth” due to eighty thousand spectators jumping in unison to the hits of Travis Scott). Dear Travis fans, if you want to enjoy your favorite rapper, you better get yours. Spotify.

Travis Scott and Harmony Korine

“I was less and less satisfied with the films I watched. So I wanted to experiment with the idea of ​​what comes next after a linear film to take me into a sensory experience.. The aesthetics of the film are interesting. Games have come at a time when they create worlds. The film’s aesthetic is a little more limited, but it’s inspired by it.”.

Also at the film’s press conference, Harmony Korine confirmed Aggro Dr1ft’s intentions: create the impression of a movie-video game, which followed the canons of cinema while looking to the future and aesthetics of modern video games. It is a pity, however, that the seventh art and the tenth art are two things too different from each other, the impossibility of which to go hand in hand here is completely obvious. Movies are taking the opposite path from video games. Frenetic first-person shots that are appropriate for a work in which the viewer is an “active” part of the action cannot work at all in a cinematic product.

A project very reminiscent of Hardcore!, a 2015 film that wanted to throw the viewer into the thick of things from a first-person perspective, like in a video game. The result: a flop that grossed just under $17 million worldwide!


agro dr1ft
Harmony Korine at Venice 80 during a press conference


The big problem with AgroDr1ft is that it is based on a completely wrong idea about cinema and its future. Harmony Korine forgets what cinema is and how it is made. Directing, photography, editing – everything disappears to make way for experimentalism, which in fact follows an already traveled and equally unsuccessful path..

A film that was intended to become a new benchmark, but which will likely either be forgotten within a few weeks or revived in the future for the sake of parodies or humorous sketches.

Agro Dr1ft: trailer

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