Agreement with a public health emergency in Mexico and measures to take, full text


The General Health Council, based on articles 4., fourth paragraph, 73, fraction XVI, bases 1a and 3a of the Constitution of the united Mexican States; 3o., fraction XV, 4o., fraction II, 17, fraction IX, 134, fraction II and XIV, 140 and 141 of the General Law of Health, and 1 and 9, section XVII of the Interior Regulations of the General Health Council, and


In terms of the provisions of articles 73, fraction XVI, of Base 1a, of the Political Constitution of the united Mexican States and 4, fraction II, of the General Law of Health, the General Health Council has the status of a health authority and its general provisions are mandatory for the administrative authorities of the country;

Given the status of the epidemic disease by the virus SARSCoV2 (COVID-19) in the country, there have been various measures by the federal government, including those contained in the agreement that this Council recognized the disease as a serious priority attention, as well as in the Decree declaring outstanding shares in the affected regions of the entire national territory in terms of general health to combat the severe disease of priority attention generated by the virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) posted on march 27, 2020, in the Official Journal of the Federation;

That the Secretariat of Health in the last hours has pointed out that the number of cases has been increasing, so has recommended that the country’s inhabitants remain in their houses, to contain the disease caused by the COVID19, and

That in virtue of the foregoing, this General Health Council, in the exercise of their functions provided for in article 9, section XVII of its Internal Regulation, has determined the relevance of declaring a public health emergency by reason of force majeure, to the epidemic of disease generated by the virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19), so that with the desire to protect the health of mexicans, agreed to issue the following

Agreement by which it is declared as health emergency by reason of force majeure, to the epidemic of disease generated by the virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19)

First. It is declared as health emergency by reason of force majeure, to the epidemic of disease generated by the virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19).

Second. The Secretariat of Health will determine all the actions that are necessary to meet the emergency envisaged in the previous article.


UNIQUE. This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation and shall be valid until the 30 of April 2020.

Given in the City of Mexico, to march 30, 2020


The General Health Council requested the various departments of the federal government and the three levels of government in the scope of their respective competencies to provide the support for the success of the declaration by taking the measures listed below are:

1. The ministry of the Interior, to maintain communication and constant ties with the powers of the Union and with the governments of the federal entities, as well as the representations of the civil society and, in conjunction with the General Coordination of Social Communication and Voice of the Presidency of the Republic, the means of communication, to promote the implementation of the measures described in the declaration of emergency. Also, the INM should take the forecasts necessary sanitary in ports, airports and points of the earth entry to the national territory to comply with the provisions of the declaration of health emergency;

2. The secretariats of Finance and Public Credit, Economy, Employment, IMSS, Issste, and Infonavit, as appropriate, to operate the necessary measures in order to protect businesses and workers during the term of the declaration establishing permanent communication with its representations;

3. The secretariats of Finance and Public Credit, Economy, Agriculture and Rural Development, to meet with the productive sectors that participate in the distribution of the basic food basket, to carry out effective actions to ensure the supply to the entire population;

4. To the ministries of Welfare, Labour and Social welfare, and those agencies that have authority in the matter, for the implementation of the decisions of social support as agreed by the president of the Republic;

5. The secretariats of Safety and Citizen Protection, National Defense, Marine Navy of Mexico and the National Guard to take measures to ensure the safety of the people and society according to their respective powers, as well as for the protection and safeguarding of strategic facilities and networks of public communication; always ensuring the due respect for human rights;

6. The secretariats of Finance and Public Credit, Economy, Health, Public service, IMSS, Insabi, Issste, to meet the needs of human resources, equipment, medical devices, and medicines that are necessary to ensure the timely care and sufficient to those who require medical attention depending on the pandemic of Covid-19;

7. The Secretariat of Public Education, Conacyt and the centers of education, public and private, to meet to coordinate their contribution immediately in the tasks of analysis and research that contribute to addressing the pandemic;

8. The Secretariat of Communications and Transport, for the implementation of the provisions of this declaration on the flights, entries and exits of airports and ports, in coordination with the Secretariat of Navy Armed of Mexico;

9. The Secretariat of the Public Function, will accompany the procurement processes necessary to meet the temporary emergency; and

10. The Secretariat of Foreign Relations will do what is necessary for the protection of mexicans abroad, and support to the health sector, Insabi, IMSS and Issste, in order to facilitate the supply and delivery of medical supplies to cope with the Covid-19.

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