Agustina, a little soldier who bravely faced acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Four-year-old girl Agustina has faced an uphill battle since she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer, last August. After repeated episodes of colds, pharyngitis and bronchitis, examinations were performed and the results revealed the diagnosis. Soon, he started chemotherapy.

Although Augustina is strong, chemotherapy has left her defenseless and the battle ahead is tough. Through her story, the family learned about the harsh realities of childhood cancer and the various organizations that support patients and their families. Groups such as Oncosur, Fundación Niño y Cáncer, Damas de Café, Damas de Verde and Oncomamás became important supporters.

The Dkms Foundation, known for its search for hematopoietic stem cell donors, will collaborate with Clínica Imet on a donor registration campaign. The initiative, which will be held August 23-31, aims to give blood cancer patients a new lease of life. The Punta Arenas community is invited to join this noble cause.

Agustina’s family issued an emotional appeal, encouraging people to register as potential donors. Although Augustina does not currently require a transplant, many patients face life-threatening diseases and need to find a matching patient. Compatibility correlates with race, emphasizing the importance of having a diverse and representative registry.

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Registration age ranges from 18 to 55 years old, resides in Chile and is in good health. Agustina’s mother stressed the importance of bone marrow transplants, which offer a second chance to those who are fighting for life. By participating in this event, people can be a hope for others in the fight against blood cancer.

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