Ahsoka reimagines the iconic Star Wars intro, but with something different

The new series starring Rosario Dawson, which airs on Disney+ today, is the first to feature introductory lyrics hitherto only reserved for the Skywalker saga films.

Watching the first episode Ahsokaa new series set in a galaxy far, far away. star Warsyou will be pleasantly surprised to discover one of the hallmarks of the franchise, born in the mind George Lucas. The first seconds of the premiere are available from today, August 23, along with the second episode streaming on Disney+actually you have a written introduction that introduces the story. Until now, this special introduction has been intended only for the skywalker saga movie, then to the original trilogy, to this prequel, and to this sequel. This is the first time he is featured in a franchise series. We must think that something unites Ahsoka to the films of the most famous trilogies? In fact, the characteristics of the text that scrolls on the screen are very different from normal.

Ahsoka: Episode 1 intro.

Here she is written which appears on the screen in the first seconds Ahsoka:

and a NEW REPUBLIC arose in its place.
However, sinister agents are already at work.
destroy the fragile world.

A plan is being developed to find the missing
revoke it from exile. For a long time thought dead
Thrawn is rumored to return
it would ignite the enthusiasm of the REMAINS OF THE EMPIRE

Former Jedi Knight ASOKA TANO Captured
one of Thrawn’s allies and found out about
a secret map vital to the enemy’s plan.
As Ahsoka searches for the map,
her prisoner, MORGAN ELSBETH, is sent
on trial in the New Republic

The text, unlike movie intros that scrolled down the screen until they disappeared, appears from the bottom up. And best of all, it doesn’t start with the classic line “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” and a floating Star Wars logo. Important words are capitalized and dramatic sentences are ellipsis, but they tend to Red (rather than yellow), a color traditionally associated with the Sith. To rediscover the classic Star Wars crawl, we’ll have to wait for the announced Rey-themed movie (Daisy Ridley) that, being adopted by Skywalker, she deserves such treatment. The president of Lucasfilm expected this at the Star Wars celebration last April. Kathleen Kennedy, specifying that this type of intro would only be reserved for the Skywalker saga. Obviously for Ahsoka an exception was made.

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The plot and cast of Ahsoka

IN Ahsoka in the game version we find the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) as he investigates a nascent threat in a now vulnerable galaxy. It is clear from this introduction that his initial mission will be to hunt down Grand Admiral Thrawn (played by Lars Mikkelsen). Other actors Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Stevenson, Ivanna Sakhno, Diana Lee Inosanto, David Tennant And Eman Esfandi. After the first two episodes, the series resumes on Disney+ every Wednesday. until October 4.

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