Air force will travel to Peru for mexican with Covid-19: Ebrard


Because the plane of the Mexican Air Force will not be able to land in Cusco, Peru, the chancellor is mexican said they will have to move to mexico to Arequipa. Photo: Cuartoscuro


An airplane of the Mexican Air Force will travel to Peru to bring to Mexico the lady Ethel Trujillo, who was positive to the test of Covid-19 in Cusco, Peru, after her husband died in the place because of the same condition.

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To participate in the press conference on the contingency health for the coronavirus in the country, the Foreign secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, he explained that the trip is for instructions of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and with the coordination of the Secretariat of Health.

He added that the president instructed that Ethel Trujillo should be in Mexico no later than the Tuesday night, and that if you so wish, the government of Yucatan will work for it to arrive there, where it is native.

Because the plane of the Mexican Air Force you may not land in Cusco, Peruthe chancellor mexican said they will have to move to mexico to Arequipa.

Also, he commented that Ethel Trujillo belonged to the group of tourists that were in the nation’s andean when there was the contingency, and that most of them are already in Mexico, unless Trujillo.

“They evacuated all except the lady because her husband died of the virus, and she could not leave Cusco,” he said.

So far, the Federal Government has repatriated eight thousand fellow-countrymen from different countries, who were caught by the measures taken by some countries to combat the pandemic.


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