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bologna\ such\ – International Museum and Library of Music of Bologna Host from June 9 to September 10″It’s (not) just rock’n’roll. Photos of Mark Allen”, Italy’s first exhibition to feature the work of Mark Allen, Dean of Music Photography and official photographer Barbican Center in LondonOne of the most important international venues for music, dance and theatre, for which it has featured all the great heroes of international classical and symphonic music in its 30-year career.
Following the success of Allen’s solo show installed at the Barbican Library in 2019, 48 of his most iconic shots will appear in a large retrospective curated by Pierfrancesco Pacoda at the Music Museum of Bologna, declared a UNESCO City of Music Creative . Taken by the British photographer between the 1980s and 2000s, which reveals his great passion for rock music. His interest developed when he was a young art student at Goldsmiths College, which led him to photograph the most representative names in new music – from rock to soul, pop to rap – and to be present at all events The decades have made history of these sounds.
His photographs document and narrate a variety of languages ​​and extraordinary characters, narrated through images outside the conventions of portraiture, in many cases, managing to transform professional relationships into friendships. As happened with David Bowie, who was in Roskilde, Denmark to attend the famous rock festival, he invited her to come with him to take some pictures. Thus was born a portrait that gives us a never before seen Bowie, sitting on a deck chair on the beach playing with a bucket, spade and sand. The opposite dimension to that desired, for example, by Grace Jones, who asked photographers to enhance her appearance as an unattainable femme fatale. The result is some shots that enhance the sensual side of the artist, who enjoys presenting her most seductive side in front of the lens. And then, among others, photographs that a very young Alan took of Freddie Mercury during the recording of Live Aid, shots of U2 at Radio Times studios, Madonna, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Sex Pistols, Lou Reed concerts , The Rolling Stones, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, The Who and Amy Winehouse, captured during a break in the recording of a concert for a BBC One session.
The exhibition’s special guest will be the work of Francesco di Molfata, the world’s largest rock’n’roll Panda!, displayed with the permission of Patrizia Casale Bauer.
The idea to bring to Bologna this extraordinary gallery that tells the story of international rock and pop music was born with the collaboration of Pierfrancesco Pacoda, curator of the exhibition, as well as a music critic and essayist. To start a new exhibition trend dedicated to music photography, in the city and in particular at the Music Museum, to share its artistic and cultural value with enthusiasts and fans of the genre.
The first exhibition project dedicated to the work of Mark Allen therefore presents a perfect opportunity to present to the public the museum’s renovated and expanded exhibition space, which will be equipped with a specially designed set-up to host photographic exhibitions . Interesting encounter between image and music.
It’s (not) only rock’n’roll with the exhibition. Photos by Mark Allen also marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the Bologna Civic Museum Sector and the Magna Gracia Orchestra Concert Institution of Taranto, on a multi-year agreement for the promotion of cultural activities, special projects and the design and implementation of common avenues Signed. , as well as for the coordinated programming of exhibitions, conferences, concerts and various events of a musical, artistic, scientific and didactic nature in general. As an institution responsible for the conservation, display and promotion of the main musical assets of the city of Bologna, the Music Museum is configured as the closest partner to mark the beginning of a relationship of comparison and plan exchange with the Orchestral Concert Institution Great Greece Has been done The exhibition also marks the operational start of action of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Municipalities of Bologna and Taranto for the development of joint projects also in the cultural sector.
It will be the photography of Mark Allen that will create a perfect antithesis between Bologna and Taranto thanks to the satellite section. It’s (Not) Only Rock’n’Roll, which will again be on display from June 9 to September 10 at the “Pietro Acclavio” Civic Library. Six images of Mark Allen painted by the same scene Rock Stamp presented at the Music Museum, as part of the third edition of the MAP Festival – Musica Architettura Parallelismi, a review conceived and organized by the Magna Grecia Orchestra Concert Institution, which combines music with architecture Combines, which was held in Taranto from 1 to 11 June.
“The exhibition takes place inside our International Museum and Library of Music which hosts educational activities and live performances throughout the year – from classical to popular music, from jazz to rock – as if to confirm the statement of Mark Allen that his photographs wants to convey through the medium the involvement and emotions experienced in attending a classical music festival or a rock concert at Wembley”, says Elena Di Gioia, representative of the culture of Bologna and the Metropolitan City. “It is an exhibition that confirms the high quality of the exhibition initiatives created and hosted by the Music Museum in its venues in recent years, as well as Pierfrancesco Pacoda’s capacity and passion for the most diverse aspects of the music sector.” who are its curators.
Eva Degli’Inocenti, director of the Bologna Civic Museum Department, says, “This exhibition is the first in Italy to present the work of Mark Allen, a pioneer of international music photography, and I believe it is a great example of the collaboration between the two. sets a positive example.” Public and private sector, Bologna Civic Museum Sector, between main sponsor Hera Group and Magna Gracia Orchestra Concert Institution, in collaboration with OTTO Gallery and MAP Festival – Music Architecture Parallelism. The exhibition also marks the beginning of the new collaboration between the Bologna Civic Museum Sector and the Magna Gracia Orchestra Concert Institution of Taranto and the operational start of works of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Municipalities of Bologna and Taranto.
For Piero Romano, Artistic Director of the Magna Grecia Orchestra Concert Institute, “It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to combine our skills in such an important parterre. The Magna Grecia Orchestra has focused its attention on multidisciplinarity since its inception and to be able to support a project dedicated to the history of rock music, but above all with the exhibition of some photographs through our MAP Festival Work has also been done to increase the resonance of this exhibition. In Taranto, certainly a source of pride”.
Exhibition It’s (Not) Only Rock’n’Roll. There is also a catalog published by the Municipality of Bologna with photographs by Mark Allen, including photographic images exhibited in Bologna and Taranto and an interview by Pierfrancesco Pacoda with Mark Allen. This volume is available exclusively at the Museo della Musica bookshop.
Mark Allen has worked for over 30 years in music and entertainment photography for all sectors of the British and international press. He has also collaborated with many broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, HBO and NBC for special programs and series (Most Wanted, The White Room, TOTP, Sound, Maestro, Let’s Sing and Dance). He has not only photographed shows, but he has shot location and studio portraits of all kinds of personalities for print and broadcast organizations. He proved his versatility while covering major national events such as the Royal Wedding and the London Olympics.
He is currently a presenter for the BBC’s Maida Vale, Radio 1’s Live Lounge, The Zane Lowe Show, The Hugh Stephens Show, Radio 2’s Jamie Cullum Show, Radio 3’s Late Junction, In Tune and other classical music programmes, as well as many other programs. 6 covers concerts. BBC Online.
He is also the official contemporary and classical music photographer for the Barbican Centre, broadcasting rights organization BMI and songwriters organization BASCA, for whom he covers all their annual awards, including the ‘Ivers’. (This way)


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