Alain Delon: “He frequented Pigalle, the whores, the mobsters” … his half-brother let loose on his youth!


In the columns of Figaro, Jean-Francois Delon spoke of the childhood wounds of the 85-year-old actor …

In the family, we ask for … Alain’s half-brother, Jean-François Delon, the fruit of Pierre Delon’s second marriage. The 74-year-old man was interviewed by Le Figaro to evoke the legend of French cinema but especially his childhood. 

At the age of 4, when his parents were about to separate, he was placed with a “foster” couple in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne). A moment experienced as an abandonment that will haunt him for a very long time. “He believes he has been left behind but he will never give the opportunity to talk about it. It is taboo”, testified the assistant filmmaker by profession who went on to say: “Sometimes I would have wanted to bump into him. I regret that there was not more closeness, but he is like that with everyone. He is an animal, he smells. He has exceptional capacities and at the same time immense flaws. Everything. and it’s the opposite. He’s the most unpredictable guy I know, “ he admitted.

Their bond was interrupted when the Cheetah went to war at the age of just 17. One more scar in the youth of the now 85-year-old actor.

“Children, we were accomplices, but we also bickered like two brothers can do. Alain is both families, and at the same time, he is not at all. He lived between Bourg-la-Reine at his home. mother and L’Hay-Les-Roses, at our father’s … At the age when I could really have had a close relationship with him, he was in Indochina. “

When he returned, several months later, he was no longer the same man:  “When he came back from the war, he was a hothead. He no longer wanted to see his parents, whom he had remembered badly. then frequented Pigalle, the whores, the mobsters. “

Two traumas that occurred in his childhood from which Alain Delon has not really recovered …