Alan Rickman agreed to be Severus Snape because only he knew the fate of the character.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is now celebrated the 20th anniversary of harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, all kinds of memories and moments are being repeated that over the years have made the saga a unique journey full of magic. Chris Columbus is enjoying right now, due to that celebratory event, an impressive popularity, due of course to the fact that he is the director of that already mentioned first installment and of The Secret Chamber. Columbus, it seems, knew by heart the works of JK Rowling and he got very involved in the project with the other protagonist: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

But even if he got into the play and wanted to control every last semicolon of the script and the acting of the artists with hairs and marks, there was one thing that eluded him: Alan Rickman. The story of the British actor is the most curious of all when it comes to casting, given that the actor from Love Actually He was the only one who knew the fate of Severus Snape in the entire Harry Potter story (and therefore he also knew part of the outcome), and that is what made him accept the role and become one of the worst nightmares of The Boy Who Survived.

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Columbus, in fact, has explained to AV Club how they had convinced Rickman to want to get involved in the project. JK Rowling took him out to dinner and told him something about what was going to happen to Snape throughout the series and in the seventh book, “Columbus continues.” When we were on set, he made little gestures in his performance that I couldn’t understand where they came from. I would go up to him and ask him what was that? And he would say oh, you will know when you read the seventh book. And I was kind of good, yeah, but that doesn’t help me now that I’m with the first movie. “

Rickman he was the only one who could properly prepare the evolution of his character to guide everything towards the grand finale, so that it really impacted the viewer and he was totally enthralled with the adventure that Severus Snape had lived to actually constantly protect Harry Potter throughout the seven installments.


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