Alarm to Yanet Garcia the ‘climate’ of unbelief in Mexico by coronavirus


To the conductive Yanet Garciathe pandemic by the coronavirus Covid-19 took her by surprise in Los Angeles, where it is located after you have completed your participation in the program Today to study English and continue with his dizzying career as a influencer.

In a telephone interview, “The girl from the weather the more sexy of the world” he confesses that he finds it hard to believe the answer that many mexicans have had to the outbreak of the Covid-19after that he published a “post” in which he recommended the people to remain at home.

“It is an important time for Mexico to raise awareness, because a lot of people did not believe it! They told Me that it was all a lie, an invention of the government” he said, ” Yanet Garcia in a telephone interview.

Yanet Garcia, what did you think of the response of your followers in this situation?

I said that it was not possible that they were saying that, when there are people that are dying. I think all media should disseminate the seriousness (of the emergency) because many people don’t believe and that to me alarm.

Other people were saying, ‘Is that I have to go to work. I cannot stay at home. Who is going to keep my children?’, and I understand that. If you have to go out to work, do it, just take your precautions.

Yanet Garcia: Discipline, consistency, and calm

Yanet Garcia invites us to live moments of reflection Yanet Garcia invites us to live moments of reflection / Courtesy | FitPlan

What you have done and what you recommend to cope with the quarantine by the Covid-19?

The most important thing is to keep calm. In spite of everything is living and everything that can be very alarming, I think that the most important thing is to keep calm and stay positive.

Although they are not holidays, the fact of being at home is a great time to reflect, to think, to be with the family or with your partner or with who you are and it is time to disconnect a little, of exercising at home and eating more healthy. I think that as long as you know that the most important thing is your health is when you start to make these changes.

I recommend them that, in these moments so delicate, the best way (to face) is stay home and take care of our power to prevent, and to increase our immune systembecause it is what is affecting the coronavirus. If you have defenses low, it affects you more and that is why today more than ever there is that take care of our food, by taking care of our health and prevent this disease.

How has been your experience before the Covid-19 these are the last days?

I am living in a different way, because right now I am in Los Angeles, and here in the united States the situation is very different to that of Mexico.

There there there are not so many infected here in the United States, especially here in Los Angeles, already closed down all the gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, all of Rodeo Drive is closed and measures have been taken super-extreme. The gym that we have in the building where I live also closed down.

I think they are doing the best they can to prevent and I think that in Mexico has not been so many cases and I think they are still with lots of activities. Here already canceled everything.

There is No excuses! There is always a way to do everything, ensures Yanet Garcia There is No excuses! There is always a way to do everything, ensures Yanet Garcia / Courtesy | FitPlan

How are you coping and settling into a life away from social contact and activities outside of the home?

I’m living this life with a lot of patience, trying to convey to my fans a message to stay at home because, until now, is the best ‘vaccine’ that we have to prevent.

I see it as a way to take advantage of this time to stay at home to reflect, to plan what you want to do in the future. To appreciate what you have and be grateful. I think that it is all in the mind on how to visualize.

It is very easy to also play with the mind and say: ‘I don’t want to be at home’ and get frustrated by what comes out. But in reality I’ve always been very positive and that is what I like to take what comes, whatever it is, the best way and see the good side.

How have you adapted your healthy lifestyle so that it is possible to keep him at home, during the quarantine?

I’ve always said that there are no excuses, while one has the urge to find a way to do everything. In a while I will cook my meals for the week, because I really don’t want to eat out, because restaurants that stay open selling only to bring.

I made the decision to stay at home, eat and prepare everything here, to prevent. And although I don’t have machines (gym), there are many exercises we can do at home, to keep us in shape.

Life is a balance and I’m focused, I’m studying English in Los Angeles, but they closed the school and I had to stop studying. Then it is a good time to review what I have learned, the lessons, and it is also time to create new content, to laugh a little, I own, of the time that I’m going to be here, but he is also father to share these moments with our followers.

What reflections we suggest to these moments?

I have decided to read every day. I recommend you start to read more. I suggest that you prepare your meals at home to take care of more food, take more water, to prepare fruit for the snack food, see more movies. No longer will we have so many distractions outside.

It is important to take this time to thank you and to focus our energy on what’s next. Because many times we do not value, and this is to make aware that we are fortunate to have so many things and sometimes we do not appreciate.

What makes you think that asking your followers to stay at home during the quarantine, to doubt the seriousness of the emergency?

Seemed more like a attack that make consciousness. Maybe many people don’t know, but in Italy and in other countries can not leave their homes and are in quarantine, and each day the numbers of infected and dead) have increased enormously.

Then, it is unfortunate all the dead that you are having in Italy, in the united States, in Korea, in Spain, and those there were already in Mexico and around the world. It is very unfortunate.

That’s why I say: “Beware, beware enough! Because many people do not is taking it with the seriousness that they should. Oh mexico, don’t be misled! I take great care!

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