Alas, 100 Years of Disney Animation in a Movie, Discovering a Tribute with Jennifer Lee

Walt Disney Animation Studios creative director Jennifer Lee gives us a taste of Wish, the 62nd animated feature film in the Disney canon, which is now regarded as a fairy tale celebration in the musical setting of a truly century-old tradition.

21 December waiting for us in the cinema Desireis the 62nd animated feature film of Canon from Walt Disney Animation Studioswith a dual function: to persuade i 100 Years of Disney Traditions with classic music fairy tale (but not too much) and revive the experience of one disney cartoon in the roomalive from an image”in cinemascope“, as he confirmed to us jennifer lee, the studio’s creative director and screenwriter of the film, previewed, at a presentation in Rome, approximately twenty minutes of the feature film. Old fashioned terminology hides the will of one of the co-directors, chris buckto pay tribute to airy composition masterpiece like sleeping beauty, However, Vish’s proposition is as much aesthetic as it is in terms of content.

I wish, dreams are demanding

Some of the qualities of “joy, wonder, hope, sense of belonging” aredisney essence listed by jennifer leewho after signing with director and ex-animator chris buck (student of the legendary Nine Old Men) either frozen ice kingdom (2013) either Frozen II – The Secret of Arendelle (2019), has become Creative Director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, However, he agreed to the script Desire when only buck and the story artist fawn weerasunthorn, promoted as the new director, wanted to directly involve him in the project. And it’s normal for a Disney studio creative director to touch Wish with his hand, because Desire The vault at the center of the founder’s poems is at the center of this story.
,the greater the desire, the more difficult it is to attainHowever, and the hero is about to find out Ashes (originally dubbed by Arianna DeBose), a girl who wants to be Rose’s assistant in the fairy-tale Mediterranean the glorious king: a ruler, with English voice Chris Pineable to magically free his subjects unfulfilled wishes and hopes, promised to fulfill them little by little. Initially enthusiastic, Asha realizes that something is not quite right with Magnifico’s strategy, which he intends to Take away the pain of those who dream big and desires what it wants to be impractical, Asha’s desires will be strong enough to make her open her eyes, but will she be able to open them to others?

Alas, Good Vs Evil, But With Some New Features

jennifer lee admits that with frozen He had adopted an unusual strategy: The villain was no longer easily recognizable, and ethics were needed, because things are never that simple in real life. Desire Points Related to A return to classic storytelling (including a dedicated song for the villain), because The Fabulous One mighty villain, but the novelty of the approach is that we follow the path of his descent into hell in parallel with the heroic awareness of the hero, in fact: for a short time “good” and “bad” even align! A villain is like any other character, Jennifer explains, and to portray him accurately, you need to understand how he thinks. It’s not bad by definition, becomes a villain in the eyes of the publicDistant.
Lee explains how he welcomed the opportunity to return to writing, particularly Basic Theme and Characters, apart from the Frozen family. Specifically, he admits that he loves Tasha’s will, the identity of a star vaguely scented spirits, which is expressed only with movements and is vaguely inspired by the perpetual motion of panda cubs. Tasha is more than a classic Disney Princessis a symbol for jennifer Avatar of Waltwho risked everything by producing snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Awarded among seven teen aspiring apprentices and trainees), Chasing Exactly One Desire”huge“: she accomplished, enabled her and her partners to walk in that groove today. Working hard. The film “a love letter to do it all, but ironically, we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously”. The studio’s artists are not corporations: “We make things together, we share experiences,
Cartoon humor aside, Jennifer doesn’t hide an understandable emotion when he answers a sensible question: what is their greatest wish instead? “I think I’m very lucky, because my wish has already come trueBullied as a girl, she sought comfort exclusively with Disney fictional cinderella, a VHS he ate. She wanted to be an animator, but she doesn’t know how to draw: the situation she is in now is beyond any of her possible ambitions.

Wish, visual and audio tribute

even though we only got to see one twenty minute wishesAnd not the last bit, her tribute to the aesthetic has already got us hooked sleeping BeautyBut Jennifer nominated celebrities the painters who worked with Walt in the Golden Age, such as Gustaf Tenggren And Kay Nielsen, the inspiration behind Vish Look. hug experiment Between CGI and 2D Held at the Baptism at Disney House with Shorts paperman, feast And away from the treeDescription of an Experienced Studio Artist as Set Designer Lisa Keane (active on Frozen and also earlier in the nineties reissue) can be transferred directly to the screen without intermediate modelling. it points to a pictorial rendering of imageAlthough there are currently no plans to propose 2D tout court in the animation of the characters: the studio has launched Course to train new traditional freehand animators, but you are not yet able to restart that type of production. after all,creative use of technological advancement It’s part of the Disney tradition in the same way, and you can’t dispute that argument with Jennifer, if you know Walt Disney’s original way of thinking.
Speaking of freebies and tradition, Wish is an animated musical seven new original songsassigned to all Julia Michaelsborn in 1993, Youngest person to compose a song for a Disney cartoon:Jennifer explains that the gamble paid off for her, as Julia took the theme of hope as the glue for all her songs across diverse genres thanks to her experience as a writer for pop stars as diverse as Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani . John Legend, Shakira, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa.
between Self-irony on Disney tradition (He hopes he didn’t overdo it with the fan service!) And a sincere hug. Value who feel eternal, Walt Disney Animation Studios She hopes Wishes means something to all viewers: Little boys and girls will have Tasha as a role model, every grown man in need of reading to themselves. don’t lose the spark that’s inside us, and magic must be done first in the name of cinema and theaterTo live together fully “Getaway“. Ale’fantasy getaway Dear Walt
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