Alberto Fernández asked “to apply the issuance of special drawing rights of the IMF to an environmental solidarity pact”

President Alberto Fernández reaffirmed this Tuesday before the plenary session of the Summit of Leaders of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) the “environmental commitment of Argentina” and spoke of “a great environmental solidarity pact“.

“We must create payment mechanisms for ecosystem services, debt swaps for climate action and install environmental debt concept“said the President.

In this sense, he argued that “it is necessary to apply the issuance of special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to an environmental solidarity pact “.

The president indicated that “countries like Argentina constitute, through their ecosystems, a support to the livelihoods of the entire planet, while contributing decisively to world food security.”

Alberto Fernández at COP26 that was held in Glasgow.  Photo.  AFP

Alberto Fernández at COP26 that was held in Glasgow. Photo. AFP

“The specific contributions that we must commit must be inscribed within the framework of the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. These contributions must be accompanied by means for their implementation that allow us a transition towards a clean economy, with less carbon and resilient to the impacts of change. climate “, he said when speaking before the Plenary Session of the Summit of Leaders of the Conference of the United Nations on Climate Change (COP26) that takes place in Glasgow.

The President began his presentation by warning that “the health crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic only undressed a much larger and multidimensional crisis of unsustainability and imbalance that affects the environment, society and the economy ”and that“ widened the pre-existing gaps between countries and people ”.

In detailing the actions carried out by his Government in this regard, the President highlighted that the “National Determined Contribution (NDC) was raised by 27.7% compared to 2016” and a “Second Adaptation Communication, with goals, guidelines and needs to address this agenda “.

“We assume the commitment of favor investment and the development of national productive chains to move forward with an inclusive, stable, sovereign, sustainable and federal energy matrix, “he insisted.

Fernández also announced that he will adopt “profound measures to eradicate illegal deforestation, classifying it as an environmental crime” and that a new draft Law on Minimum Budgets for Environmental Protection of Native Forests will be sent to Parliament.

Alberto Fernández during his speech at the COP.  Photo: AFP

Alberto Fernández during his speech at the COP. Photo: AFP

Finally, he proposed the creation of a “political and technical committee on climate finance, with equitable representation of developed and developing countries, to work on the definition of a roadmap on how to mobilize the necessary funds “.

And he closed: “Argentina does not intend for this COP to remain only in words. It is time to act, let’s do it together.”

Fernández attended the Scottish Event Campus accompanied by Chancellor Santiago Cafiero and minutes after his speech he went with the rest of the delegation to the Glasgow Prestwick airport to start the return to Argentina.

Fernández’s presentation at the COP was the last stop on a tour that first took the President and a large delegation to Rome to try to unlock negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

The Argentine government’s request to exchange “debt for climate action” had already been put into words by Fernández at the Forum of the Main Economies on Energy and Climate on September 17, and it was also reinforced at the G20 summit in Rome.

“Instead of paying the Monetary Fund what we want is that a percentage be used for the ecological transition that each country in the world needs,” the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié, had explained during the week. the entourage in Scotland.


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