Alberto Fernández will meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, on a previous stop on his trip to China

President Alberto Fernandez will meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, next February 3 in Moscow. It will be on a previous stopover on his trip to China, where the next day he will meet the leader of that country, Xi Jinping.

Presidency sources informed THE NATION that the stopover in Russia will be 48 hours and that it will be for a pending bilateral meeting. “The meeting will discuss collaboration in vaccines, investments and collaboration in science and topics of common interest,” they explained.

The original reason for the trip to China is the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and Argentina, which will be celebrated this year. But nevertheless, the date of the meeting with Xi was defined based on the opening of the Winter Olympics that will take place in Beijing.

This last figure is particularly suggestive, since the Olympic competition was boycotted by the United States in retaliation for human rights policy of the communist regime.

Alberto Fernández’s trip will take place at a critical moment in the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since they will be in the final stretch that aims to reach an understanding before the expiration of March 22.

At the Casa Rosada they are convinced that the gestures towards the two leaders who are considered “strategic rivals” by the Joe Biden administration, will not affect the course of negotiations with the IMF, despite the fact that it was President Alberto Fernández himself who recognized that today the dialogue is hampered by Washington’s strict position.

The Foreign Ministry understands that maintaining the dialogue in parallel with the United States, and at the same time with Russia and China, exhibits the autonomy of Argentine foreign policy, beyond the fact that at this time the Government is seeking to convince the White House of its strategy with the International Monetary Fund.

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