Alberto Marrero comes back positive for coronavirus


MEXICO — Alberto Marrero, president of the Atletico San Luisrevealed in an interview with the team potosino carried out a second test to rule out being a carrier of coronaviruses, although it returned to positive.

“I’m still coming out positive, I did the second test on Thursday and came out positive. Thank God the only thing I feel now is discomfort and general body. Thank God I don’t have headache, fever, which is what I had at the start when you gave me the first positive,” he said Marrero.

“I have been told that this virus is as well, a little treacherous, one day you can be good and the other evil. In the end, it is a disease that you can see very far. I’ve been a really healthy life. Thank God no one was positive, neither my family nor the team. Some co-workers of the equipment had been tested and were negative,” he said.

Although he finished his quarantine prior to the first test, the Spanish manager remained guarded as a precaution to rule out any complication.

According to the sanitary protocol of the Secretariat of Health of San Luis Potosi, Marrero shall continue in quarantine until it can be recovered at 100 percent.

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