Alberto Sordi, his garage has made history: all the models of the legend of cinema

A love for cars that of Alberto Sordi demonstrated in all or almost all of his films that made him famous.

It was 2003 when the great left Alberto Sordi, actor who described in his career the Italian in all its facets. One that has literally left in the cinema of our country and that has also managed to leave a trace of itself globally as few other Italian actors have managed to do. And, as happened to many others, in his films he also described the vices of the Italians of his time. And when we talk about vices, very often one can not help but mention the cars, true status s ieri

His films are full of cars that have made history and that have been able to complete the description of his characters. A bit like so many other stars of the big screen in America. It must be said, however, that compared to many colleagues of Hollood Brad Pitt, Sordi has never owned a real garage of large size and especially of enormous value. He certainly had important cars, but they were more the ones shown in the cinema the most beautiful.

The cars of Alberto Sordi

We are in Italy and obviously among the cars most “driven” by the great Roman actor could not miss the Fiat. Like the 500 Giardiniera, protagonist of the crossing of Rome in “Un borghese piccolo piccolo” of 1977 directed by Mario Monicelli. A film this that for some scenes with this car has entered the collective imagination and is still among the most cited today.

And then there’s the 600, which throughout the Sixties was the object of the desire of many families. And that he immediately bought at the beginning of his rise Doctor Guido Tersilli in “Il medico della mutua” of 1968, a true classic of Italian comedy. A four-seater subcompact with a lot of space and with important performance that was a real s status As well as the Bianchina which Deaf drives in” Thrilling”, a three-episode film from 1965, where he loads a hitchhiker and with whom he enjoys challenging cars more powerful than his own.

Many cars driven in career by Alberto Sordi

A scene of the Deaf in the movie ” Il Tassinaro “(out

Then there are the cars of the rich people of the time, like the 1800 produced between 1959 and 1968, which at the time cost 1,485,000 lire and which was one of those machines that was just below a Roll A car that mounted a six-cylinder engine, as well as having a four-speed gearbox with steering wheel control, and independent suspension at the front and rigid axle at the rear. In short, a real sciccheria for the time. To think that instead Deaf in real life drove a simple 124 familiar, with whom he also had fun in the streets of the center of Rome. How much fun he had with the Pace “Il Tassinaro”, another film that has gone down in history.

Alberto Sordi then had a love for the Maserati: he owned a Quattroporte d1967 but in the movies you often see him at the wheel of a Ghibli Sp Sp or of one Mistral Spider 3700 in ” Excuse me are you for or against?”. A real gem this made in only 125 specimens.

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