Alcaraz seeks to create his own brand and overcome comparisons with Nadal

Comparisons to great numbers often lead to inflated expectations.

He tried, but didn’t always succeed.Carlos Alcaraz looks to banish constant comparisons to Rafa Nadal Due to his successful and early sporting career, nicknames such as “Nadal’s successor” or “the new Nadal” are often heard. “all of theseI have to put it aside,” said the Murcian tennis player. He’s flattered by the comparison to a legend like Manacori -“It means I’m doing a good job and I’m on the right path”-, but he didn’t look for it. “It’s a backpack they put on me, but I take it off and I want them to know I’m Carlos Alcaraz.” “I want to create my own name”he admitted in an interview Babolatis his loyal racket brand, with which he signed a contract at the age of 10.

How to do it? How do you clearly define your brand to avoid being identified as the “new Nadal”? “In marketing, strategy followers (Follower) or latecomer is appropriate in certain circumstances, i.e. It is better to imitate or imitate the leader in order to gain market share, but Alcaraz will not benefit from this strategy.because it is not good for an athlete to be classified as the “new Pelé” or the “new Messi”, This is a very big responsibility and often leads to inflated expectations.” says Carlos Víctor Costa, Director of the Master’s Program in Communication and Advertising at ESIC.

For experts, the best and most practical is Define your own brand with values ​​and attributes unique to your image. Alcaraz might look like Nadal because he’s Spanish and had early success, “but his personality and the way he interacts with people seems very different to me,” added Costa, who recently Star who published the book “The Case for Rising Marketing Strategy”: How would you manage Carlos Alcaraz’s brand?


“He is usually more open than Nadal, he is serious like Nadal, but he is more smiling and happy. In short, he is a different person and projects a different image.”. In addition, he emphasized that his playing style is as aggressive as Nadal’s, but has other characteristics: for example, he has won Grand Slam tournaments on hard courts. Costa believes he is more connected to the public than Nadal was when he was just starting out and is the player best positioned to occupy a significant place in tennis history.. At this stage, Managing your career success will be a challenge.adventure expert who Alcaraz naturally positions itself based on its quality and personality as well as professional marketing efforts.What’s wrong. “With Djokovic retiring in a few years, he has everything to occupy this position undisputedly,” he added. But work remains to be done.

Currently, Murcia Has not launched its own official website yetJust like Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and other great sports stars have done. Video intercoms, faucets, cables or swimming pool materials are all sold under the domain name, as this domain is already occupied by the electricity company of the same name. “But that’s not a problem, he can create another domain with other terms and generate traffic based on followers on other properties like Instagram (4 million), Facebook and Twitter,” Costa explained. Having an official website is like having a virtual headquarters, “it gives you a lot of room for creativity and digital action, just like a center Digital, I’m sure they must be on it”Apostille.

What is the strategy with sponsors?

Sponsors match their image to that of the athlete based on various criteria. “One is the track record with athletes: there are sponsors, especially sports equipment sponsors, signing youth players.” Then there are the image elements that each athlete displays and that the brand seeks. “For ten years I have been asking my students what words come to mind when they hear the words ‘Roger Federer,’ and during that time, of all groups, ‘Elegance “The word comes up…” What brand wouldn’t love having an ambassador who is the embodiment of elegance? ” Another fundamental element in defining a sponsor’s strategy is the geographical reach of the athletes, as some are more relevant to North America and others to Asia or Europe. “There are also criteria such as personal identification between the players, the brand and its marketing team , and finally there are economic criteria: some brands can sponsor certain athletes, and some brands cannot sponsor certain athletes. “

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