Aldosivi beats San Lorenzo and exacerbates the crisis

Huracán-Patronato, Aldosivi-San Lorenzo, Vélez-Argentinos and Godoy Cruz-Estudiantes, the matches of the day (@fotobairesarg)
Huracán-Patronato, Aldosivi-San Lorenzo, Vélez-Argentinos and Godoy Cruz-Estudiantes, the matches of the day (@fotobairesarg)

Date 22 of the Professional League begins with a day that will have five games.

Hurricane 1-0 Board of Trustees

Hurricane beat Patronato 1-0. Two teams that travel irregularly in the tournament faced each other. El Globo had suffered a tough defeat on their visit to La Plata against Estudiantes and added three dates without knowing the victory. For its part, the cast from Entre Ríos came to beat Lanús 3-2. It was a match worked for the Parque Patricios team that at home had to wait until 84 minutes to break zero with a goal from Jose Moya.

Huracán took the initiative, but found a team ordered as a block and it cost the Globe to break lines in the entrerriano cast. The local had more possession in the first half, although his rival managed to be able to have some dangerous play by means of Sebastian Sosa Sánchez, which was shown very fast.

In the complement the Balloon He repeated his intention of being able to break the zero, but he lacked tools to achieve unevenness despite a ball on the entered stick Lucas Vera and the desire of another who entered from the bank, Jhonatan candia.

On the side of the entrerrianos his best cards were precise passes and experience of Hector Canteros and the dynamics that the Uruguayan Sosa Sánchez maintained.

Hurricane was more than his rival, but that dominance on the playing field and had to wait until 84 minutes to open the scoring. It was through one of its bastions, Patricio toranzo, who kicked a corner kick and off the ground with an unorthodox definition Jose Moya sent it to the network.

Toranzo’s entry was key with his quality that remains intact at 39 years old and whose brushstrokes to assist his teammates allowed him to have more arrivals at Huracán, although he could not specify them.

Hurricane marches in 10th position in the contest with 32 points, while Patronato is 21st with 23 points.

On the next date, the Board of Trustees will receive Godoy Cruz on Saturday (19.15) and Huracán will visit Platense on Monday (21.30).


Hurricane: Marcos Díaz; Raúl Lozano, Jonatan Galván, José Moya and César Ibáñez; Santiago Hezze, Fabián Henríquez and Franco Cristaldo; Jonás Acevedo, Matías Cóccaro and Rodrigo Cabral. DT: Frank Darío Kudelka.

Patronage: Matías Ibáñez; Martín Garay, Rolando García Guerreño, Oliver Benítez and Lucas Kruspzky; Nicolás Delgadillo, Fabio Vázquez, Héctor Canteros and Facundo Cobos; Junior Arias and Sebastián Sosa Sánchez. DT: Iván Delfino.

Referee: Darío Herrera

Stadium: Tomás A. Duco

TV: Fox Sports Premium

Aldosivi 2-0 San Lorenzo

Aldosivi defeats Aldosivi 2-0 in Mar del Plata against a team that needs to recover because it is in a dire situation. The Cyclone comes from two straight defeats (1-3 against Vélez and 0-1 against Gimnasia) and is second to last in the table, with 20 units.

San Lorenzo started better and in just two minutes had a couple of arrivals with a shot of Franco Di Santo that passed by and a header from Alejandro Donatti.

However, in the first arrival of Aldosivi he opened the scoring after a failure in the departure of Néstor Ortigoza whose short pass did not reach Francisco Flores and it was anticipated by Federico Milo that by the left sent the center and Gabriel Hauche he scored his first goal for the Mar del Plata team.

Then the Barça background remained badly stopped, especially by the left wing of Aldosivi that had overflows with its own Milo, Gaston Lodico and the incessant pressure of Martin Cauteruccio.

However, then San Lorenzo knew how to rearm and had arrivals with which he made the goalkeeper of the Shark.

In the second half those signals that San Lorenzo gave dissipated as Aldosivi again took the reins and was close to widening the differences. But, as in a repetition of the first half, the holy team went to look for the tie and after six minutes there was a clear penalty of Fabricio Coloccini who raised his left arm and touched the ball with his hand, the referee Fernando Rapallini did not sanction the foul despite being in front of the play.

Immediately there was another controversial play where the own Coloccini went down in the area over Yeison Gordillo when the Colombian got ready to kick. It was the tie for the visiting cast or failing that a new criminal that was not sanctioned by the judge.

Four minutes later came the second goal from Aldosivi after a counterattack that was lethal for San Lorenzo, who wasted a chance to equalize, but Cauteruccio received on the right, sent the center and connected Hauche who widened the differences.

At twelve the incidents came with a strong discussion between Ortigoza and Cauteruccio (both partners in the champion team of America of San Lorenzo). Yoni said something to Coloccini for a foul prior to Nicolás Fernández Mercau, but The theme continued with a brawl where Rapallini expelled both of them and Ortigoza came to hit him with a Cauteruccio blow.. The problems continued and the two went looking when they left the court.

The hot weather continued when Fernández Mercau himself also he received the red for an elbow in the 25th minute and left his team with nine players.

In the epilogue, an unarmed San Lorenzo left space for Aldosivi to score the third goal that he was unable to capture.


Aldosivi: José Devecchi; Rufino Lucero, Fabricio Coloccini, Emiliano Insúa and Fernando Román; Javier Iritier, Federico Milo, Leandro Maciel and Gastón Lodico; Martín Cauteruccio and Gabriel Hauche. DT: Martín Palermo.

San Lorenzo: Sebastián Torrico; Andrés Herrera, Alejandro Donatti, Francisco Flores and Gabriel Rojas; Alexis Sabella, Yeison Gordillo, Néstor Ortigoza and Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Nicolás Fernández and Franco Di Santo. DT: Diego Monarriz and José Di Leo.

Referee: Fernando Rapallini

Stadium: José María Minella (Mar del Plata)

TV: TNT Sports



In Liniers, Mauricio Pellegrino’s team will seek to seal their qualification for the Copa Libertadores with a victory. He is in second position in the general table – he has 66 points – and in this contest he is in 5th place with 35 units. In front will be the team of Gabriel Milito, which comes from two consecutive defeats, and is in 15th place with 26 units.

For tonight’s game, Fortín will have its starting base team. For his part, the Bicho de la Paternal, who still dreams of qualifying for the Copa Sudamericana 2022, will play from the start with the offensive trio that make up Reniero, Ávalos and Carabajal

Possible formations

Velez: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Matías de los Santos, Lautaro Giannetti and Francisco Ortega; Gerónimo Poblete and Federico Mancuello; Agustín Bouzat, Thiago Almada, Lucas Janson; and Juan Lucero. DT: Mauricio Pellegrino.

Argentinos Juniors: Federico Lanzillotta; Kevin Mac Allister, Miguel Torren and Lucas Villalba; Luciano Gómez, Matías Romero, Franco Moyano and Elías Gómez; Nicolás Reniero, Gabriel Ávalos and Gabriel Carabajal. DT: Gabriel Milito.

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo

Hour: 21.30

Stadium: José Amalfitani

TV: ESPN and Public TV

Godoy Cruz-Students


Great duel in Mendoza to close the first day of action on date 22 of the Professional League. El Tomba, who came to equalize in his visit to Argentinos, is in 12th place with 27 points. El Pincha, who managed to cut a streak of eight games without winning last round against Huracán (4-1), is in 8th place with 33 points.

Looking ahead to today’s match, Diego Flores will seek to continue adding points for the championship and fine-tuning the team for the semifinals of the Argentine Cup against Talleres de Córdoba. In the case of the team led by Ricardo Zielinski, Fernando Zuqui would return to the starting team after his absence in the last match.

Possible formations

Godoy Cruz: Juan Espínola; Néstor Breitenbruch, Gianluca Ferrari, Damián Pérez, Matías Ramírez; Martín Ojeda, Nelson Acevedo, Leonel González; Gonzalo Abrego, Tomás Badaloni and Ezequiel Bullaude. DT: Diego Flores.

Students: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Agustín Rogel, Fabián Noguera and Matías Aguirregaray; Matías Pellegrini, Bautista Kociubinski, Fernando Zuqui and Nicolás Pasquini; Gustavo Del Prete and Leandro Díaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Referee: Nazareno Arasa

Hour: 21.30

Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas (Mendoza)

TV: TNT Sports


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