Alec Baldwin’s strong claim after accidentally killing Halyna Hutchins on set

American actor Alec baldwin asked on monday that from now on the presence of a police officer in film and television filming using weapons is required, true or false, after the accident in which the actor shot and killed the cinematographer Halyna hutchins and wounded Joel Souza.

Baldwin, who first posted the message on his Twitter (now private) and then on your public Instagram profile, He explained that the function of the security agent would be exclusively “to monitor the safety of the weapons” in the study.

Alec Baldwin petitioned after fatal accident

Tragedy on the set of Alec Baldwin: what is known so far

The authorities of New Mexico, United States, they continue to investigate what went wrong so that last month, during the rehearsal of a scene, Baldwin fired a revolver that was loaded with a real bullet that killed Hutchins and wounded the director of the film, Joel Souza.

The Sheriff of the Santa Fe town, Adán Mendoza, said two weeks ago that he had found some 500 rounds of ammunition including a mixture of “blank cartridges, dummy bullets and real bullets.” Before questions from the press on the possible legal responsibility of Baldwin, who in addition to being the protagonist of the film is one of the producers, the sheriff stressed that “nothing is ruled out”.

Researchers know that the gun passed through two other hands before reaching Baldwin: Dave Halls, the assistant director, and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armory of production.

Halyn Hutchins and Joel Souza
Halyn Hutchins and Joel Souza

LThe gunsmith’s lawyers insist that their client never knew of the existence of live ammunition nor did he know where it came from, and they even hinted during an interview that someone may have tried to sabotage the recording by introducing real bullets into the studio. According to his testimony, Gutiérrez Reed loaded the pistol with bullets that were in a box whose label indicated “false ammunition.”.

For its part, the assistant director admitted that he did not check the gun properly before handing it over to Baldwin shouting “cold gun,” which in Hollywood jargon is used to confirm that the gun is unloaded for use.

The statements of team members who worked on the filming of Rust describe an environment of precarious job in which the protests were piling up and for which half a dozen employees resigned on the same day of the accident. In fact, the day after Hutchins passed away, a worker was attacked by a poisonous spider while picking up the set and could lose his arm, as reported this Sunday by the newspaper New York Post.

What happened to Halyna Hutchins

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon during the rehearsal of a shooting that was to begin in the church area, where the character of Alec baldwin it came out in an outside scene at close range.

The camera production team was measuring the angles and they had not retired to the security area set when a gun is fired. The camera operator B was on a dolly with a monitor, checking the shots, Halyna hutchins She was by her side staring at the monitor, while the film’s director, Joel Souza, was crouching behind her.

The actor was preparing to film the scene where he took the pistol out of a holster and the deputy director had yelled “cold gun” on set when the shot got away. When the actor took the gun out of the holster, the ammunition flew towards the operator, Hutchins and Souza. The projectile passed the camera operator’s side, struck Hutchins near his shoulder and continued on to Souza. Hutchins fell to the ground and was immediately treated by the doctor of filming who pressed on the director of photography’s wound to stop the hemorrhage.


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