Alejandra Espinosa, daughter of historian Diana Uribe, advised the creation of the film ‘Encanto’


On her YouTube channel, Colombian historian Diana Uribe spoke proudly of the work her daughter, Alejandra Espinosa Uribe, did within ‘Encanto’, the first Disney animated film inspired by the country. As she revealed herself, next to her daughter, who was invited to participate in the video to speak in first person about what she did on the tape, Alejandra spent four years working with the creators of the feature film to make it a representation very close to reality. From biologists to architects, among other professionals, they were part of the team that gave life to the story of the Madrigal family.

“I worked for four years advising the cultural part of Colombian history and identity (…) it was a very big task of investigating about the time, of giving talks with the directors, with the animators, so that they understood the history of Colombia, so that they understood the historical context ”, the specialist detailed.

According to what he related, although ‘Encanto’ is not based on a specific historical moment of the country, or at least it is not clarified, it was important to understand that the film would be created, more or less, based on the time that includes the early twentieth century. It was relevant, then, to review different aspects, from the clothes of the characters and the houses in which they lived, to life in the town and the way they speak.

“That involved a whole archival work, going to see the National Museum and the National Library, photos of the time. All a work to contextualize, that a lot of history was known and that, above all, the Colombian diversity and the diversity of indigenous, Afro and Hispanic history that make up our three roots would be rescued “he added.

According to Alejandra, in addition to those factors already mentioned, it was important to have a good reference regarding rurality to understand what farms were like in those days and how life worked in the town, its customs, for example. He recalled that he had the opportunity to meet the creators of the film, who, as Carlos Vives told Infobae, made a long trip through the country to identify striking and important things that nourished the Madrigal narrative.

Living in Barichara, in Santander, gave Alejandra a great advantage, because, after several years of living there, she was able to relate, in detail, what life is like in a small area of ​​the country, to the directors of ‘Encanto’. “To rescue that great cultural memory of the country that is rurality, because the history of the country has happened in the towns”, explained.

Just as these aspects were important, Alejandra worked hand in hand with the animators who, detail by detail, illustrated the gestures of the characters in the film. Talking a lot with the hands, for example, was something that Espinosa Uribe emphasized, and with which he managed to add several particular movements of the Colombians. “How we speak, how we greet each other, how we move our mouths, how expressive we are”, added.

Alejandra said that it was a team of about ten consultants from different areas of knowledge that allowed the film, despite being animated and fictional, to be as close to reality as possible.

“There is a tremendous investigation. The idea is that the film is about a family, and that family brings together Colombia and its diversity a bit. It is a tribute to Colombian diversity. It is an endearing movie. It is very beautiful because it talks about the search for identity, that is a central theme, in which I also worked a lot (…) a great long history of looking for us, recognizing us and appreciating ourselves as we are “Espinosa concluded.

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