Alejandra Guzmán Responds If It Is True That She Had a Relationship With Christian Estrada, Frida Sofía’s Ex

Alejandra Guzman.

The singer said she was tired of being singled out and judged for something that is not true and related what happened in New York on the occasion she celebrated her birthday with Cristian Estrada

In addition to the accusations against her grandfather, Frida Sofía has also pointed out on several occasions that her mother had a relationship with Christian Estrada while they were dating, at which time she became pregnant and after discovering the infidelity she decided to have an abortion.

During the recent interview with Adela MichaAlejandra Guzmán clarified that these accusations are not true either and are part of the list of defamations that her daughter has made for some years.

“She has just turned 29 years old and for two years, which is very sad because I cannot believe it, she has said things about me that are not true that have not been possible to verify because how can you verify things when it is not true, that I was not sexually involved with Christian, who is the brother of two people that I love because I worked with his two brothers, with Jesus and Antonio and I spent my birthday in New York and there I fell asleep, calm, “she explained.

The rocker said she was tired of being singled out and judged for something that is not true: “I have not spoken because she is my daughter, I have not sued her because she is my daughter, but I cannot allow her to reach this level and now be against my father who supported her so much ”, she added.

She denied having had a relationship with her daughter’s boyfriend and explained that she was in New York celebrating her birthday with other companions and not only with Estrada as her daughter claimed.

“That is very serious because that is a false accusation, I have witnesses with whom I was on my birthday, that day I went to Fashion Week in New York, then we went to eat and then I went to sleep, it was very cold and I with my titanium prostheses cannot walk at minus 11 degrees ”, he explained.

In addition, he revealed that he never had an interest in having sex with his daughter’s partner, much less a relationship, which he swore even by his nephew Apolo.

“ I am not going to do it and I would never do itI don’t have to do that, I get along very well with his two brothers, I worked with them for a year and I met Christian a year before I introduced him to Frida. . I have never had sexual desires with him. What’s more, I have had my menopause for five years so I don’t have the same sexual desire, it is not my nature to do that because there are many men in life and I swear by Apollo that I adore him, for me that I die right now. I don’t know how to show you something, but I know I didn’t, ”he explained during the program ‘Me Lo Dijo Adela’ on Heraldo Televisión.

Frida Sofía has also blamed her mother for being responsible for the abortion she experienced during the six-month courtship she had with Christian Estrada, of which Alejandra Guzmán assured she was not aware and found out from an interview with him on television.

“No, I introduced him to Christian and they went to New York but I did not know that I was pregnant and I did not know that I had lost the baby, aborted. But that is his decision and it is his body, “he said.

And she shared that she has tried to talk to her daughter about the issue, but she insists on ensuring that her boyfriend cheated on her with his own mother.

“ I have also told her, I have sworn it. I have told her, for God’s sake, Frida how you think that of me, why, with what evidence. They are inventions that I don’t know where they come from. I would never do anything to hurt that girl. “

The interpreter recalled a strong argument she had with her daughter in which there were physical attacks, possibly the one that caused the distance between them.

“It was a moment in 2018, I was in the middle of the ‘Versus’ tour and we had a very strong fight in which there were physical attacks on me, from her to me and since then the relationship has been broken. He started attacking Michelle, then Silvia, then me, my former managers, both of them, now my father, my brother, Apolo who is one year old ”, he pointed out.



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