Alejandra Guzman sends message to Luis Miguel

MEXICO CITY, September 8 (EL UNIVERSAL) – Alejandra Guzmán with Luis Miguel, father of her niece Michelle Salas ) get along well with, by the way, Michelle Salas, who is about to ascend to the altar; the rocker boasts about her good relationship with “El Sol”, so much so that she even sent him a message about her of health and songs, information about the return of the performer of “O tú o none” to the stage, where he has already given 20 concerts as part of the tour.

There is much to talk about after Luisimi returns to the stage, visibly slimmer, with a new look and a cautious voice, which is how he delights his Argentinian and Chilean fans, who have already enjoyed two dozen shows in which Luisimi dances. And shows he’s still in great shape at 53 years old.

However, in August, Luis Miguel got bronchitis and coughed at several concerts, and his voice was also affected to some extent, but he did not cancel any concerts; Chilean journalist Ceci Gutierrez spoke about the singer’s health at the time and revealed that he used corticosteroids in order to perform on stage; corticosteroids are natural or synthetic chemicals whose activity is similar to hormones derived from cholesterol and produced in the adrenal cortex Active; It is used as a medicine to treat different diseases.

In a recent interview Paty Chapoy had with Alejandra Guzmán, the 55-year-old singer talked about Luis Miguel and she had a very special message for him:

“I sent Luis Miguel a message and his promoter said, ‘I have a great teacher, her name is Gladys, so you can sing again without cortisone ( A steroid hormone that can help relieve pain and inflammation in specific areas of the body,” Guzman mentioned. “That’s the message I sent him,” he concluded.

The daughter of Sylvia Pienaar admitted that she admired each other and loved him very much, remembering that the singer said to her “No, your mother and you are the ones I like in the family”, which words made her Very happy; Alejandra is celebrating the 35th anniversary of her career and releasing the song “Milagros”, a song dedicated to her daughter Frieda Sofia, from whom she has been estranged for two years.

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