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In recent days, the topic of health status Luis MiguelSince the singer recently fell ill and was hospitalized for a few days, there would be no problems with his upcoming scheduled concerts.

This has led some media outlets to suggest that the La Bikina translator will be taking vitamins or other medications to endure the busy schedule ahead.One of the people who attracted attention for coming out to talk about this is Alejandra Guzmanwho assured that he had recently been spoken to to help him stop taking these medications.

In an interview with Patty Charboy of Ventaneando magazine, the Queen of Hearts commented that Luis Miguel was going to be taking cortisone medication, so she asked him to tell him that she knew how to stop taking it.

“I sent a message to one of the promoters and he said, ‘I have a great teacher, a teacher named Gladys, so you can sing again without needing cortisone.’ “This That’s the message I sent him. “

Cortisone is a compound derived from hormones used to relieve disease and inflammation in one part of the body, usually by injection. There were rumors at the time that the medication he was taking daily was cortisone, but it’s still unclear if this is true.

Alejandra goes on to talk about Luis Miguel’s work as an artist and her friendship with him.

“I admire him very much and love him very much. And he has always been very good to me. One time, I remember him telling me: ‘Your mother and you are the people I like in the family,’ and I was so happy that he told me that. words.” The translator of “I’m Waiting for You” added.

On August 22, rumors began to emerge that the interpreter of “La unconditional” had been admitted to a hospital after his first concert in Chile due to suspected respiratory problems, which was evident in his subsequent speeches. I coughed a lot so I had to stop singing some songs. Some reporters said it was common flu or even bronchitis.

Additionally, doctor Christian PĂ©rez Latorre revealed that in addition to the singer’s respiratory problems, he will also undergo permanent treatment since he allegedly underwent a gastric sleeve to lose weight.

Perez Latorre said he was the one who performed the surgery on Luis Mi a year ago and recommended taking vitamin supplements from time to time through injections, mainly vitamin B12, because the body no longer has the ability to absorb it when taken orally. Additionally, there has been speculation that the singer is allegedly taking diabetes medication to help with weight loss, which could affect his health.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Jorge El Bro van Rankin both mentioned that Luis Miguel would take certain drugs to alter his appearance and then return to the sport slimmer stage.

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