Alejandra Guzmán Wins Lawsuit Against Ninel Conde’s Husband

Alejandra Guzman

Although the rocker has legally won Larry Ramos, she is not guaranteed to get her money back.

Alejandra Guzmán won a fraud lawsuit against Larry Ramos, but despite this, nothing guarantees that the singer can get her money back.

A lawyer who was present during the hearing, where a judge ruled that Guzmán won the lawsuit for judicial contempt of Ramos and his lawyers, who never appeared in court.

Regarding whether Alejandra will be able to recover her money, the lawyer commented that this is a long process, since it will have to be investigated if the businessman has assets and properties in his name, and if not, it is difficult for the interpreter to something.

It was also mentioned that in the event that Ramos has married Ninel through the joint property, there he could use the part that would correspond to Larry of the artist’s property, but apparently, his marriage contract was under the regime of separate goods.


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