Alejandro Lyons’ strategy to avoid deportation to Colombia

In 2017, Alejandro Lyons rebuilt his life in Miami. Despite being the head of a hemophilia drug cartel that embezzled 150 billion pesos from Córdoba’s coffers during his tenure as governor, he and his wife, Johanna Elias Vi Johana Elias Vidal and sister Bernardo el “Ñoño” Elías lived life to the full. The former senator, who was arrested in connection with the Odebrecht scandal, has just been released.

Lyons took advantage of a witness visa, which expired in 2019. Two years later, in 2021, he is about to be extradited to Colombia to pay for his crimes. Yet his defenders made excuses three times to avoid facing the Supreme Court.

The first was in November 2020, when he declined a subpoena via Zoom, citing bronchitis that would keep him out for five days. Then, in November 2021, three days before the hearing, he again cited an inguinal hernia as an excuse. He appeared in court again on August 8 this year but was delayed by his lawyers after a stomach infection caused him to “vomit”.

In Miami, Alejandro Lyons has been working with the US justice system. There, he received information that the Attorney General’s Office had disqualified and suspended him for 10 years for failing to control and supervise commissioned contract activities and that he had failed to sign voluntary agreements with various service provider agencies A payment of US$7,886,574,000 was obtained. Health Services (IPS)) for a comprehensive neurorehabilitation program.

This disability does not affect his incarceration in a Miami jail at all, far from his pending extradition in 2019, which has been delayed for four years.

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