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Alejandro Sanz, Camila Cabello and Daddy Yankee, among the artists who support the demonstrations in Cuba | | people entertainment

The day of protest is considered historic, since these acts of protest had never occurred in Cuba since the Revolution of 1959.

Cuba in the soul“, expressed in a story the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, as a show of support for the demonstrations of thousands of Cubans who took to the streets this Sunday to protest against the government.

Unprecedented wave of protests sweeps through Cuba to the cry of freedom!

Sanz is one of the artists who have applauded the reaction of citizens, calling it an “awakening”.” Meanwhile, the Mexican Julieta Venegas it’s incentivizing people to join a humanitarian initiative that aims to collect medicine and food to help them. All my solidarity with the Cuban people, that today is taking to the streets“, he said via his Twitter account.

We are with eyes on Cuba, SOS Cuba,” said Venegas in a video on Instagram.

I want my cuba free! The Cuban people are desperate! I’m with them as I’ve always been!“, wrote Cuban singer Gloria Estefan.

Another compatriot who encourages demonstrations is Camila Cabello, who recalled that COVID deaths are increasing rapidly due to lack of medicines, resources, basic needs and even food. “Many people are dying“, alerted the artist.

The young singer, born in the Cuban province of Cojimar, greeted the “brave people” who took to the streets “to protest this humanitarian crisis.”

“Freedom is everything. We support the Cuban people in their fight for freedom in Cuba.”, wrote in English the rapper Pit bull, in a message that accompanies with a portrait of him in which he appears in a boxer-style gown and with the Cuban flag printed. “Freedom, it’s coming”Added.

So did the Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee, who on his Twitter account posted the flag of Cuba with the label #SOSCuba.

Ricky Martin, for his part, shared a video of demonstrations in the streets of San Antonio. “This is very important. Our brothers and sisters in Cuba need us to inform the world of what they are experiencing today. Let’s fill the networks before they take away the internet in the country. Humanitarian aid for Cuba”, warned the singer.

the day of protest is considered historic, since these acts of protest had never occurred in Cuba since the Revolution of 1959, with the exception of the famous “maleconazo” of 1994, when groups of demonstrators took to the streets in Havana to protest shortages during the “special period” crisis.

Protests in Cuba: 3 keys to understanding the demonstrations on the island, the largest in decades

There are also the strong accusations, such as that of the singer resident, a former member of Calle 13, who called the Cuban Government ineffective because of the U.S. blockade. “They have the people screwed up in the middle of a pandemic. To send help look for an alternative route to the Government, the same thing will not happen as in PR during Hurricane Maria”Wrote.

“We have a country kidnapped 123 years ago”, he said in another publication.

Also, the Cuban musician and producer Emilio Estefan, residing decades ago in the U.S., did not hesitate to state: Lfreedom for CUBA! Those here and there united in the same desire, FREEDOM FOR CUBA!“.

Estefan took advantage of the situation to present the topic freedom, which “was supposed to premiere later this week, as part of a very important project,” but which he decided to share “from now on, because this day is too exciting and important for all Cubans in the world.”

For her part, the Spanish singer Beatriz Luengo he has constantly shared videos of the anti-government marches in Miami.

This in solidarity of the homeland of her husband, the also artist Yotuel Romero, who resides in Miami. He also took the opportunity to share the testimony of Sara, a woman who cannot have surgery on her eye because there are no medicines or minimum conditions in hospitals to attend to.

Luengo also asked not to lash out at artists who are supporting what they call a “cry for freedom.” Stop answering artists who give light in their networks about what is happening and listen to Sara, please, and do something instead of taking the tanks to the street to mistreat people who only ask for Freedom, Fatherland and Life. Thank you to all the people united in this cause everywhere“.

the internet service on Cubans’ mobile phones remains cut off from Sunday to noon, which has made it difficult to know in real time the situation in the interior of the country and the development of the demonstrations.

Following the dozens of arrests that took place on Sunday, activists and opponents have denounced on social media that several people arrested while participating in the protests remain missing, especially in Havana. (I)

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