Alejandro Svarch, the officer who stole his camera, López-Gatell |


MEXICO.- For the first time since they make daily conference with the court cases of coronavirus stolen camera to Dr. Hugo López Gatell and was nothing more and nothing less than Alejandro Ernesto Svarch Perez.

Svarch the official Insabi, who is in charge of the Coordination of National Health, participated in the conference where you got to know 50 deaths and a thousand 510 confirmed cases of COVID-19. During this, he reiterated the call to physicians and nurses during the current pandemic.

In Ecuador are lined with coffins of the dead

After their participation, users in social networks did not take long to admire the official.

Even when some are not able to decide between his fanaticism for Lopez-Gatell and the newly admired Alexander Svarch, asked for votes for each one.

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