Alena Seredova switched to social networks: “It’s hard for me to sleep”

This is a difficult time for Alena Seredovaas the model admitted on Instagram, who showed herself to subscribers almost in tears. son Louis Thomas was born 15 years ago from a broken marriage with Gigi Buffonleft Turin, where he was born and raised, to move in Pisa. Here he received his first contract as a player and now plays in the under-16 team as a striker. So the boy moved to Tuscany, miles away from his family.

Alena Seredova and tears for the son of Louis Thomas

“Louis now lives in Pisa: are you used to his absence?”asked an Instagram follower. “I knew this moment had to come sooner or later. – Alena Seredova answered almost in tears – Let’s just say, “before” I didn’t think “now”. “Then” could have gone much further… This it’s hard, it’s hard, and it’s hard for me to sleep. I don’t like him, but I know I’m doing this for him.. I know it’s a sacrifice and I miss him“. From Buffon, the Czech dancer also had David Lee, who is now 13 and about to go to language school. Little Vivienne Charlotte was born 3 years later from a relationship with her current husband Alessandro Nasi.

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