Alert for stroke in young adults as a result of the Covid-19


Doctors in United States cases have been detected patients with Covid-19 suffering a stroke; they believe that it may be due to complications in the circulatory system.

The american chain CNN reported, based on medical reports, that adults between the ages of 30 to 40 years old suffered a stroke caused by the new coronavirus.

Some patients avoid to call the emergency hotline due to the large amount of infected in the hospitals, explained the doctors, who believe that the impact stroke can result from blood clots generated by the virus, that directly intervenes in the blood.

Dr. Thomas Oxley, neurosurgeon of the hospital at Mount Sinai Health System in New York, explained to the media that the patients who had complications were under the age of 50 years. Some patients experienced mild symptoms and even a party does not present any symptomatology.

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“The virus seems to be causing clotting in increase in long arteries, leading -to patients – to suffer a stroke severe. Our report showed the increase in brain conditions in young patients in the last two weeks. The majority of these patients do not have medical complications previous,” explained Oxley to CNN.

“A stroke causes severe damage but is dealt with immediately. At least one patient has died and the others are in institutions of rehabilitation, intensive care unit or stroke. Only one of the patients returned to home, but will require intensive care,” added Oxley.

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Dr. Cindy Yip, director of Data and Address program Knowledge Heart for the association’s Heart & Stroke in Canada, explained at the web portal of the medical institution that “people with heart condition or vascular or who have had a stroke are at a higher risk of developing complications if they get the Covid-19.”

Hundreds of autopsies performed on deceased patients by Covid-19 in the hospital, Castel San Giovanni Piacenza (Italy) showed that disseminated intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) is also a manifestation of the virus, said Roberto Melgarejo, ambassador of paraguay in Italy, the portal ABC.

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In Spain, the cases of coagulation are common in new patients. The doctors started to treat people with blood-thinning medications.

“At the beginning of the outbreak, just started to give you medications to prevent blood clots. We saw that it was not enough (..) they Began to have a pulmonary embolism, so we started anticoagulation complete at all,” said Cristina Abad, anesthesiologist, Hospital Clinical San Carlos of Madrid for The trade.

The treatments blood thinners will continue as long as you know more information about the medical implications caused by the virus.

In most cases, the new coronavirus cause mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, which will go away in between two and three weeks. But in others, especially in older people or with prior pathology, can lead to more serious conditions, such as the pneumonia, or even death.


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