Alert heightened for hepatitis A outbreak in Daguay, Valais

Hepatitis A outbreak alarm in Daguai, Valais: 18 confirmed cases special offers

Grand Mellon Mayor Ana Maria San Clemente confirms 18 cases of hepatitis A Occurred in the city due to an alleged outbreak.

According to the President, About 72 people are being studied accordingly to determine if they have the disease.

In addition, he noted that investigations and water samples will be carried out at the aqueduct in the Borrero Ayebe area, where, apparently, most of the cases are located. There will also be an investigation into food handling at restaurants in the area.

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It should be remembered that this disease can be spread through poorly treated water and food.

At this time, a meeting was held between the Governor’s Office, the Department of Health, and the Valley Health Authority to discuss Precautions and actions to be taken to prevent hepatitis A outbreaks in other cities.

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