Alessandra Ambrosio on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret: “Everything has its end” – 14/12/2019


The top Alessandra Ambrosio has opened this week in Sao Paulo, brazil, in the area of the swimwear brand of fashion, the GAL, and the Island of the multimarcas JUDICIAL Sea, in the Shopping center Garden City. The label, which was created by the top, to the side of his sister Aline, his team and his best friend, Show Coria, which is the result of a dream, a childhood dream. “We’ve always wanted to have your own brand, from the boys and girls. So it’s a dream come true,” said the model in a talk with the Unive.

With two collections in previous versions, the LAG of the Island, is the first company of Alessandra Ambrosio, as an entrepreneur of fashion. Prior to this, the first is well-known for its fashion shows of brands such as Victoria’s Secret, in which event the fashion, to which is added, a show of music, with a fashion show of underwear, will occur this year. Therefore, it is impossible that she does not comment as to attract the taught me a little bit about the market in which it premiered. “I feel very sad [com o cancelamento]but the people who understand that, like everything in life, things have a beginning, a middle and an end.”

In addition to being a feast for the models in which they participate, Carlos, remember that in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was, moreover, a major event for your closest friends. “We did a slumber party in which the people gathered to see the transmission of the carnival parade. As had become the tradition”. But at the top, I don’t think that this is the end of the world”. “People do not know what can happen tomorrow.” They can’t come back with some innovation.”

Alessandra Ambrosio with her favorite flower, the Gaya.

Alessandra Ambrosio with her favorite flower, the Gaya. “What gives me the freedom to play with my children, and the practice of yoga.”

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The girl of the island

For the first time that Carlos creates his own brand, that she realize that the whole process has been a great challenge. “What we did alone, we have learned the hard way.” Despite the fact that he did not know how to put a label on the foot, Ambrose, because it was very clear in his head, so that the LAG of the Island, it had to pass one of its parts. “She is a girl of Zaragoza: modern, connected with the nature”, describes.

Today, the brand has two collections published, and which has two models of bikinis and three-piece bathing suit, which are divided in different shades. Each of the parts, the price is about Us$ 250 and Us$ 458. The underwear of the size of brazil, that, according to her, it has become increasingly popular in the international market. “It is the consequence of a globalized world.”

However, beyond its size, also ensured that the production of the suspenders, shorts and the only ones that had the workmanship of the Argentina. “I wanted to create jobs in the country and in the work with the women here, who know how to make a bikini like nobody else”. The model it has been said, in addition, that the intention of watching the women play in the various functions. My favorite is the Gaya, which has a top a little more, because to me it gives me the freedom to play with my kids at the beach, in the afternoon, just put a shortinho what I’m about to practice yoga, for example.

This concern for the creation of garments that adapt to the day-to-day consumer, has a lot to do with the relationship that you have with the condition of women. “It is very important to us, so much so that in our time, the symbol of the Sacred Feminine. Beyond that, we want to celebrate the union of the woman. After all, we are a brand created by the leadership of women who love too much”.