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Pontremoli – bookstores In Valsusa, Alessia Panassi received the “Gerla d’Oro” on the occasion of the Bankerella Awards.

Alessia Panassi receives the “Gerla d’Oro”

In the past, the booksellers of Pontremoli would take books from town to town to sell in panniers in order to get the culture as far as possible. The “Gerla d’Oro”, a prestigious award given annually to those who have distinguished themselves in the activity of protecting and promoting the values ​​of booksellers, hence the attention and care to the written word, a word It is a symbol that should not be forgotten. These are the values ​​that Valluscina Alessia Panassi has made her own and which she pursues with determination. Precisely for this reason, on Sunday 16 July in Pontremoli, on the occasion of the Bancarella Awards, Alessia Panassi received the “Gerla d’Oro”.

Fifty Years of the Panassie Bookshelf

Panassie Bookshops is a long story that started in 1973. A story of family, work, passion that has given a significant boost to culture in Valsusa. A constant presence for the hundreds of young people who have depended on the valuable support of bookstores over the years. A reference point for reading enthusiasts, many books are available: from the latest novelties to fiction, books for children, creative, personal development, travel, nature, history and leisure activities. Thanks to Edizioni Susalibri, for the local publication offers. Today there are five Panassie Bookshops, Mondadori Bookstores, led by Alessia, Alice and Adele, joining the franchise represented an important step in enriching the offer of titles, discounts, offers and promotional campaigns, which is only a great Publication is with the strength of the series. it can be argued.

  • Panassie Bookshop in Sant’Ambrogio – Piazza XXV April, 2 – Tel 011 939662.
  • Panassie Bookstore in Susa – Via Roma, 46 – Tel 0122 32429.
  • Panasi Book Shop in Rivoli – Piazza Garibaldi, 3 – Tel 011 9536691.
  • Panassie Bookstore at Aulx – C/o Le Bite Shopping Center – Tel 0122 833823.
  • Panassi Bookstore in Giaveno – Via XX Septembre, 19 – Tel 011 18866853.

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