Alex Danvers will transform into Supergirl in the upcoming episodes of the series


A couple of days ago Chyler Leigh surprised the followers of Supergirl with a curious publication in your personal account of Instagram. It turns out that, without major announcements or surprises, the actress who plays Alex Danvers shared a new photo of she characterized as his character, but this time Alex did not look his classic outfit from the D. E. O but I wore a new version of the costume of Supergirl.

Leigh just described the image with the phrase “if Alex could fly” and the hashtag “SuperAlex”this rapidly gave rise to a lot of speculation.

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If Alex could fly too… #SuperAlex @supergirlcw

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What is real image? How effectively Alex will transform into Supergirl? Are questions that many fans did not find answer immediate, but now a video and photos of the set we could give more background about this transformation.

In the first place, everything points to that actually Alex will become Supergirl during episode 16 of the fifth season of the series. In the context of production this should be that Melissa Benoist, the actress who gives life to Kara Danvers, will lead the chapter 17 so that during the production of the episode prior to his debut as a director will be busy.

However, the most striking thing is not the justification external to the new role of Alex as Supergirl but it would be so that I could raise the frame.

According to Canadagraphs, a portal that usually filters out things the Arrowverso, the episode 5×16 of Supergirl is titularía “Alex in Wonderland” and an important part of the action travel periods in a concert developed in Obsidian North Platinum a place in the so-called Virtual National City Mall.

In that sense, it would be possible that the new role of Alex as Supergirl involves the technology of the Obsidian North, which as you recall is a key part of this season of the series and allows people to move to a dimension is dominated by his imagination.

But of course, none of this is confirmed and this could also be a case of transfer of powers (such as Iris and Barry in The Flash) or it could be the Alex, a Land parallel, although by now the heroes of Earth Prime are unaware of the existence of the new Multiverse.

In that sense, what actually is sure is that the photos and videos from the set show that Alex/Supergirl will come to the concert of a musician called Rock Starman so there will probably be a problem in that place.

Supergirl it will premiere a new episode this Sunday.