Alexa Dellanos Had Fun One Night With Her Friends, Wearing a Red Bodysuit With a Thong Included

Alexa Dellanos.

The beautiful influencer went to the party looking sexier than ever and showed off her statuesque figure through her social networks

Just a few days ago Alexa Dellanos was seen on the streets of New York, but she is already back in Miami, so she decided to have fun on a night out, living with other beautiful influencers’ friends, all wearing sensual lingerie.

The daughter of Myrka Dellanos was the one that attracted the most attention since she wore a red bodysuit with a thong included, which she wore while dancing and jumping to the rhythm of reggaeton.


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Recently Alexa Dellanos announced that her body does not have any scars or stretch marks: “I think you can remove scars with a laser, but the truth is that I have never had that problem.”


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