Alexa Dellanos is wearing a bikini in black that highlights its great charms on Instagram


Alexa Dellanos is wearing a bikini in black that highlights its great charms on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

Alexa Dellanos is a beautiful doll that has an eye on the users of social networks, with its large silhouette, with the high-temperature maximum, this time with a new photo-bikini-top mounted, he on his account Instagram official.

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The 2 million followers Alexa met with the eye square as her bikini highlighted in black, as its great properties, you may have made, is so famous for.

In the image, Alexa is a hotel appears, sitting in the shade of a terrace, which seems to be in, because there are plenty of chairs and swimming pool in the background, showing that you are traveling to warm, look for the fun in this cold time.

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His publication of more than 60 000 “likes”, at which hundreds of his followers, the met, the comments, the words of admiration, and of love, and some emoticons, in which you Express what you feel with your photos to reflect some of the compliments that Alexa, This leads to the Paradise.

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Subscribers Instagram are in love super in you, because for you it is one of the most beautiful Instagram and best features. The popular model is characterized by its physical impressive, you also know that you are a great business woman and entrepreneur, and was the greatest pride of his mother, who supports you in your projects.

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Remember that your mother is a journalist and tv presenter recognized latino-Americans have, for many years the presenter of the popular tv show tv network Univision, First impact. It is the Cuban – Myrka Dellanos, Toledo.

Alexa is a woman, beautiful and talented, she has to conquer so not difficult to the social networks successfully to a broad public through his photos.

Dellanos want to make as a youtuber because he has a YouTube channel, where he tells his everyday life, as well as to show a couple of photographic sessions, where he takes part, there are only 200 thousand subscribers, but you can increase when it is constant and continues to download content attractive, something that is not easy for you.