Alexa Dellanos Reveals a Large Part of Her Body When Posing Wearing a Red Microtrikini

Alexa Dellanos.

The lifestyle influencer continues to share images from Puerto Rico, where she has modeled a large number of bikinis and swimsuits, generating thousands of likes on Instagram.

Alexa Dellanos has been in Puerto Rico for more than a week, and from there she has shared selfies, videos, and images in which she models all kinds of sensual outfits. In her most recent Instagram post, she appears under the intense rays of the sun, exposing much of her body when wearing a red micro bikini.

The daughter of Myrka Dellanos has really enjoyed her stay at an exclusive resort, and a few days ago she shared in a video how she went to the pool, wearing a bikini with a cowhide print that impressed her fans and with which she wore her rear.

Alexa Dellanos has become famous for her 23-inch waist, but few know her height; recently the beautiful influencer made her known after her fans asked her the question “how tall are you?”, to which she replied, “I am 5 feet 3 inches (1 meter 61 centimeters), but sometimes I look tall in the photos ”.


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