Alexis Ayala and Fernanda López Announce Their Separation After 11 Years Together

Alexis Ayala, Fernanda Lopez

In the middle of Valentine’s Day, the parents of a beautiful daughter decided to announce their separation.

In the middle of Valentine’s Day, Alexis Ayala and Fernanda López decided to announce their separation, after 11 years of love and a beautiful daughter.

Through her Instagram account, the actress published a beautiful photo where she appears with Alexis and wrote: “Starting from the basis of love, what better day today, Valentine’s Day, to make known that the love of a couple between Alexis Ayala and I became a beautiful friendship, that is why for some time we have made the decision to make our lives independent as a man and as a woman, always uniting as parents of our beautiful daughter to always give her the best bases for her development. , living together in love and respect ”.

Fernanda concluded: “Alexis and I are very grateful for the affection and respect that all of you always show us, we have an incredible relationship of friends, since the love that for 11 years always highlighted us as a stable family, which we will continue to be for our daughter Roberta. Happy Valentines Day. With all our love @alexisayala and Fernanda López ”.


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