Alexis Bledel, Happy Birthday: the life and career of an actress

Alexis Bledel was born on September 16, 1981 in Houston, Texas., although his father Martin is Argentinean and his mother Nanette lived with her family in Mexico; Alexis herself then stated that she considered herself Latina and that as a child she spoke Spanish at home with her parents, and only learned English when she went to school. To overcome her shyness, Alexis began taking part in some local theater productions as a child until she was spotted at a mall by a talent scout who helped her get her first job as a model.

Sensational debut on the small screen

At age 18, Alexis Bledel landed the role that launched his career. and, therefore, this will finally change her life, the life of the main character of the series. Gilmore Girls: Despite the lack of significant experience as an actress, it is her shyness and innocent appearance, as well as natural photogenicity, that convince casting managers who choose her for the role Rory Gilmore’s character is the teenage daughter of a single mother. (Lauren Graham). The series quickly became a success, much loved by mothers and daughters and female audiences in general, received excellent ratings, ran for seven seasons and is still considered a generational cult. It is precisely because the series continues to attract new audiences over the years, especially when it became available on Netflix, that it was decided to make a sequel. Gilmore Girls – Together Againconsisting of four maxi-episodes of ninety minutes each, like the actual films, beginning nine years after the events of the seventh season.

Alexis Bledel’s film roles

However, in the movie Alexis Bledel makes his acting debut in the film with a sentimental tale So Eternal (2002), based on the novel Magic spring Natalie Babbitt, and then took part, in a supporting role, in Marriages and prejudices (2004), a Hollywood adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous novel set in India. Pride and Prejudiceand then joins the cult super act Sin City (2005), based on the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller.
On the big screen, one of his most popular roles, especially in the US, is in comedies. 4 friends and a pair of jeans (2005), based on the young adult novel by Anne Brashares, a story of female friendship best known for also launching other young aspiring actresses of the time such as Blake Lively, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn; the film also spawned a sequel, 4 friends and a pair of jeans 2 (2008), again based on the same literary saga, and a possible third cinematic chapter, which had not yet been made, was also discussed.

Among the films played by Bledel we find such romantic comedies as Good guy (2009), Graduated… and Now? (2009), fairy tale luck luck (2012)e Jenny’s wedding (2015), starring Katherine Heigl. However, in the dramatic field he played Conspirator (2010), a historical drama directed by Robert Redford and starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright, is a Canadian drama thriller. Kate Logan case (2010), On the way to the end of the world (2014), a romantic sci-fi drama starring Frank Langella, Gena Rowlands, Rosario Dawson, Penn Badgley and Josh Hartnett, among others, and Crypto (2019), a dramatic thriller about cryptocurrencies.
In addition, the actress recently voiced The coldest caseseries of true-crime podcasts with co-stars Aaron Paul, Krysten Ritter and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Return to television

After Gilmore GirlsAlexis Bledel appeared in the final Emergency doctors on the front linein three episodes of the series Mad Men and in the sitcom Us and them (not published by us), but the project that brought her back to television with a more significant and lasting role was The Handmaid’s Talethe widely acclaimed dystopian TV series based on the novel The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) Margaret Atwood; In a story that tells of a future in which women have been deprived of their freedoms and rights, and in which the main character is Elisabeth Moss, the character of Alexis, Emily’s maid, has grown over the first seasons to become one of the key roles in the plot, although then the actress, somewhat unexpectedly, announced her refusal from the series, which gave her one win and four Emmy nominationsafter the conclusion of the fourth season, although the showrunners did not then rule out his possible return if his translator so desired.

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