Alexis Ren does not carry it and not hides! He pulls the tongue out and you will see!


Alexis Ren as one of the models of social networks most charming of the moment, not hiding at all. The californian has only 23 years of age, but it has been at times really hard in his life with the unfortunate death of his mother and his emotional disorder that resulted in the power. Finally, life seems to smile and she celebrates in a very particular way. Your language is included, strange as that may seem.

The influencer celebrating a new beginning, used a dress that, as usual, was sublime in its body. The instant he left two details, one of them is not found using the fastener, so as to have a greater convenience and generate sighs observers. The other detail was found in his tongue, where he revealed a piercing in the shape of a star very praised among your audience.

Alexis understands everything in the world of social networks and modeling, as it managed to the interaction of more than 700 thousand people around the world.

His message to all was: This is for a new decade, for you, for our strengths and weaknesses. Our efforts, our love and our pain. Let us embrace all that is presented to us in this new year and on the road. We find gratitude in the days that it is difficult to smile, and let us choose ourselves to always choose love.

Alexis Ren defends the self-love

Ren has a lot of knowledge about the mental weakness of women mainly, that many times it is acomplejan in front of the mirror, so that seeks to focus the message of self-love towards their followers. In this way, it makes them understand that the most important thing is always to be assessed individually without thinking about what people will say.

Alexis Ren beat all the battles of mind to prove to those who follow it that it is possible to get accepted and succeed.