Aleyda Ortiz Wins As Audience Favorite in ‘Look Who Baila All Stars’

Aleyda Ortiz wins the crowd favorite from 'Mira Quien Baila'

Although Chef Yisus is the winner of the show by choice of the jury, the Puerto Rican gets the vote of the people

Aleyda Ortiz wins as audience favorite ‘Mira Quien Baila All Stars’ … Although Chef Yisus Díaz won the Univision dance competition, the beloved Puerto Rican won the vote of the people.

Recall that last week, when it became known that the four finalists were Aleyda, La Bronca, Chef Yisus, and Roberto Hernández, Chiquinquirá Delgado and Borja Voces reported that, from that moment, the public, who this season would not be the one who would choose the winner, if not the judges, they could award the prize ‘to the favorite of the public’.

What did this award consist of? In the delivery of 10 thousand dollars for the foundation for which they danced. As we told you, Aleyda is very committed to the empowerment of women, and especially in a very active fight to prevent any woman from traveling the same path in the past: that of abuse.

That is why she chose Hogar Ruth for Battered Women, in Puerto Rico, which is a community organization dedicated to promoting human rights and offering safe and supportive living spaces that save the lives of women, girls, and boys.

If you saw the show and did not find out that Aleyda won with your vote, it is not that you missed something, it is that, as we have told myself, this season not only the contestants were from Univision, the judges Dayanara Torres, Patricia Manterola and Casper Smart were the ones who decided the winner, but the reality was also recorded several weeks in advance.

That is why you only saw Aleyda receive the news that she had risen to second place in reality, and you saw her hug and congratulate the winner, her partner from ‘Despierta América’, Yisus.

Is that the announcement of Aleyda Ortiz as the winner took place in ‘Sal y Pimienta’, the show hosted by Lourdes Stephen and Jomari Goyo?

Near the end of the show, and with the four guest finalists, Jomari and Lourdes announced to Alyeda that she was the ‘crowd favorite’ winner. Something that the presenter herself had intuited when, in an interview with ‘Sal y Pimienta’, she said that she believed that if the public had chosen, she would be the one who would take first place.

What does this mean? That possibly, if the vote had been in the hands of the public, as in the previous nine seasons, the presenter of ‘Gangas and Deals’ would have won.


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