Alfredo Romano: “The peso has already died, with dollarization everyone would have access to a stable currency”

The dollar He “governs” the economy and even the states of mind in Argentina; even for those who cannot access that currency. In parallel, inflation and mistrust hit hard. Because, Alfredo Romano proposes a paradigm shift: dollarize the economy and, in that sense, take the Central Bank and the “banknote machine” out of the game.

The young Mendoza-born economist broke out with a theory that has solid foundations and that is also analyzed by some thought groups for the future. In his book “Dollarize, the road to economic stability“He explains in detail and in accessible language what are the problems and the ways to solve the economy. For him, the” weight has died “because there is no way to generate confidence. And dollarization is the way, although not In isolation. “Without a plan on the fiscal and labor front, dollarization has no projection of success in the long term. Dollarization is inevitably accompanied by profound improvements, “he says in the book.

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