Ear Music – August 2023

You say Alice Cooper and you automatically realize that you are naming one of the most iconic figures in the history of rock and roll. The non-biological but musical father of countless artists who were clearly inspired by him when they decided to pursue a career in music.

I could stay here and write my article, naming many names, but I will name only two weights from the nineties that respond to the names of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.

This year 2023, in addition to returning him to Italy with a triumphant date in Marostica (Vicenza) with the supergroup Hollywood Vampires (with two superguitars, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp), brings us a brand new album, composed and written entirely with his group, consisting of real virtuosos. In this regard, Alice Cooper (born Vincent Fournier) thus spoke of what was behind it”Road“, his 29th (not a mere trifle) studio album:

“Per Road, I wanted the band to contribute to all the songs.“, He says Alice.

I only see these guys when we’re on the road. So, I wanted them to be as united as they were on the show, but with new material. When you have such a good band, I think it’s important to show it and that’s my way of doing it.“.

The work is also based on trust, as it was entrusted to the production of a historical friend. Bob Ezrintogether with the group that has been accompanying him for many years cooper live (apart from a very brief return to Kane Robertstemporary replacement Nita Strauss), this means: Ryan Roxy (guitar), Chuck Garrick (Bass), Tommy Henrickson (guitar), Glen Sobel (battery) e Nita Strauss (guitar).

Thirteen pieces that can be listened to with absolutely great pleasure, starting with the most rhythmic “I am Alice” and end with “magic bus“. “I am Aliceis a musical performance of the king of shock rock who, after a career of over fifty years and at the age of seventy-five, still has the vitality of a teenager and the strength of a professional who still loves his job immensely.

So let me introduce my friend to you. I am Alice. “I am the Master of Madness; Sultan of Surprise… so don’t be afraid, just look into my eyes “, he sings cooper in this song and it’s like finding an old friend who tells you about his life through his songs.

The band travel compactly like a freight train, honing riff after riff and creating a rhythm session. Glen Sobel to the battery and Chuck Garrick on bass he counters a guitar trident Roxy, Strauss And Henriksen.

A piece that doesn’t give you a chance and tastes like the best barricaded grappa, and every listener knows how to impress you with something. Definitely a job that pays tribute to the Alice of the seventies and is definitely more enjoyable than extremely hard work.”cruel planet“, for example. The mid-tempo coretti “All over the World” stay with you and leave no exit, as a mark of the most sullen and attentive defender. You can not remain indifferent even to the riffs “The dead don’t dance“, which makes you instantly raise “horns to the sky”, while highly programmed “white frankenstein line” is a song that you want to listen to again and again, and the ubiquitous host Tom Morello is an added value to everything …

I recommend buying this work, even with the special edition which includes a DVD/Bluray of his performance at the prestigious Hellfest in 2022.

The place is also for other moments of absolute passion, such as in the southern blues “Rules of the world“and in a ballaton, but that’s not taken for granted”Baby please don’t go“. If you’re looking for some good glam rock from the legendary 70s, here’s “Big Boots ” AND “go away‘ will be your most popular choice.

A work that continues without the slightest boredom and ends in style with a perfect interpretation and frank analysis of the band’s song.magic bus“, a cover of a very iconic song by The Who.

A truly beautiful work, very retro and well played, and we hope that it can be promoted in a short time even with one or more concerts in Italy.

I am Alice
Welcome to the show
All over the world
The dead don’t dance
go away
white frankenstein line
Big Boots
Traffic Laws
big goodbye
Road rats forever
Baby please don’t go
Another 100 miles
magic bus

Alice Cooper (voice)
Ryan Roxie (guitar)
Tommy Hendricksen (guitar)
Nita Strauss (guitar)
Chuck Garrick (bass)
Glen Sobel (drums)

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