Alicia Aylies, ex-miss-revealed-pictures in bikini on the beach


While in France a couple of days living in captivity already, Alicia Aylies wanted to deliver positive messages to his community by taking snapshots of her in a bathing suit at the beach.

After you tied up photos streetstyleduring the fashion week paris, Alicia Aylies the metropolis of leave in the direction of Martinique. Born in Fort-de-France, the young woman returned to his homeland in this time of captivity.

Far away from the worries of the people living in that time alone in your apartment, Miss Guyana in 2016, lasts for a good time under the sun of the Antilles.

Recently, it has also made online, two clichés, which will take you directly to the beach.

On the first Alicia Aylies discovered the feet in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, dressed in a white bikini. Pattern with flowers, he places great value on the curves of the young woman. With a smile on the lips and natural hair, she seems happier than ever before. His subscribers have noticed it also, because you received a lot of compliments under his photo :

“Beautiful,” “The perfect photo” or “Perfect smile”.

In this sad time, other followers will not understand such stereotypes have, why the young woman hastened to. Because of their questions, the pretty brunette has just answered :

Lily-Rose Depp laying in a small outfit on Instagram

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Lily-Rose Depp laying in a small outfit on Instagram

I think that the whole world to date ! But it is not so that you do not clean items, that is the negative or things in a panic from all over the world. Take care of yourself (understand English : take care of you)

By Wednesday, 18. March, Miss France to 2017 has become cliché online. This time, a piece of posing in a swimsuit. Color ocher, his beach outfit flatters your silhouette, thanks to the lacing, is located at the height of his chest. It is absolutely sublime.