Alicia Aylies natural is revealed in a stunning white bikini


Alicia Aylies classified the publications in a bathing suit ! This time she shows off her stunning silhouette in a white bikini. Zoom.

Alicia Aylies has the management of Martinique for a few days.

After a busy schedule during the fashion week in Paris, she is part of you to rest in his home. For life in this difficult time, nothing is better than that of his relatives. Since the publications follow Sunny.

A sublime silhouette highlighted

If it is a couple of days, he showed his fans his routine to care for sports, his body of the mermaid, Alicia Aylies just publish a new photo, where she poses in a swimsuit. Dressed in a white bikini original-double-belt and floral details, you put your beautiful figure. In the legend of the young woman who wrote :

Since this photo I have sports again, haha ! But without lying, I like it when I form a little more.
Is what you are going to the beach and you feel free, that you miss ?

A photo is not retouched, natural

Very of course, in this photo, the Queen, the beauty is there is no retouching. Without complex, behind its visible had a few stretch marks at the top of your thigh.

Miss France : poses naked in his bathtub, Alicia Aylies his hair to natural

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Miss France : poses naked in his bathtub, Alicia Aylies his hair to natural

In addition to the beauty there, Miss Guyana to 2017, set aside the fireworks. The look is sensual and mud grumpy, she asked without a trace of makeup on the face. Her curly hair, and deputies also have a devastating impact. In the comments, many fans have asked for it, your routine capillary and asked him to give his valuable advice and took the opportunity to emphasize your beauty :

“You’re a real beauty”, “Beautiful” or “Wow, I think you’re beautiful the way it is”, could be read.