Alicia Machado discovers a huge bomb aimed at Jose Manuel Figueroa, responds with rage

Actress, host and Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado has always been identified as a woman Express your thoughts frankly, truly and positivelySo he revealed it during a reality show with important Hispanic television actresses. “The Secret of Perseverance”.

While talking to a group consisting of Yuri, Zuleika Rivera, Ninele Conde, Amara “La Negra” and Patricia ManterolaThe businesswoman also revealed a beautiful moment she experienced with her ex-partner José Manuel Figueroa.

“I had a terrible experience with Jose Manuel Figueroa, he was an extremely violent man and they never raised a hand against me in my life. “The man physically and mentally assaulted the woman The violation was due to illness” said the 46-year-old Creole.

In outdoor conversations, the winners of the first season of the Telemundo reality show “Celebrity Home”, She said the man was under the influence of narcotics and wanted to attack her.

“Suddenly, the guy who also had such big hands and came from such a big man, turned around and slapped me, but out of nowhere. “I never understood how this guy didn’t go to jail,” he asserted.

Similarly, Machado Recalling a special moment for the singer’s son Joan Sebastianthrew her to the floor and started kicking her with a very large boot.

“The first thing he did was threaten to call me and tell me; ‘I’m going to get you out of Mexico, I’m going to take away your residency, I’m going to get you deported,'” he asserted.

The situation didn’t end there, the show followed Machado’s remarks “The sun is coming out” I had a phone call with my current partner in Venezuela Marie Claire Harp requested the right of reply, in which she elaborated.

“There are photos from the event and we had a lot of fun. But the next day when she wanted to make breakfast I just asked her to leave my house and that’s when she went crazy,” Stand up for yourself.

at last, Figueroa said if Machado had evidence, he could present it to the Mexican prosecutor’s office.

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